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Bananas on Green Plate

Sometimes deciding what to paint is a real dilemma. I am trying to learn more about color and warm and cool relationships. Discipling myself to think more thoughfully about the color that I am laying in does not come naturally. However, I think that I made a little progress in this painting. 8x8 inches canvas panel oil


While I was at the garden center I bought two large philodendrons. When I got home I discovered a pretty little orchid that had broken off of its base sometime during shipping. In this setup I chose to place partially on a black cloth with flowers. I think I like the contrast but I'm still thinking about it. 6x8 inches oil canvas panel

Cut Red Pepper

I love, love painting red peppers. I think that they are so beautiful with their rich red casing and pearly seeds at the core. Just beautiful. The doily on the other hand was a challenge for me to paint. 6x6 inches oil canvas panel


I have been desiring to paint the figure again. This is a photograph that my husband took of me on my deck. I liked the foreshortening, perspective, and color of this image. 24x20 inches oil stretched canvas

Ruby Red, Oranges, and Tea SOLD

i like the combination of the red plate and cup with the oranges. It reminded me of a song from the 70's. I wanted to stay loose in this painting. I'm just not sure if I was too loose.

Banana on Ruby Red

I have alwys wanted to paint a banana being peeled. It was a lot of fun. I worked with a predominately split complimentary color scheme on this painting. The red of the plate was so dark that I had to use a deep red violet to achieve the density of color. 6x6 inches oil canvas panel This painting is priced at $55.00 and may be purchased on my Etsy site. Just follow the link on the Etsy mini.

Two Lemons Grey Day

These lemons I placed in front of my studio window and the light cascaded over them. The day was very rainy and grey so the light was rather flat. I did place another light souce in front of them which compounded a lighting problem but I could see them! Yellow is not an easy color for me to paint, but I did enjoy this painting. 6x6 inches oil canvas panel This oil painting is for sale on ETSY for $55.00.

Orange Sections

This was one of the oooops moments. I put this painting on yesterday and realized that it wasn't correct and had to remove it and rework before placing it back on the blog. I deepened the background color and simplified the reflection and I prefer this painting. It is amazing how a painting can be viewed and seem ok and then when its placed on the blog it shows glaringly all of the imperfections. 6x6 inches oil canvas panel This painting and many of my other paintings are available for sale at This painting is $60.00 plus $8.00 shipping to USA destinations.

Two Purple, One Red Plum SOLD

Boy were these a challenge to paint!! It took a while to determine the color pallette. These plums are better to look at than to eat unfortunately. They are a little hard and bitter...not quite ripe. They are really pretty color though. I placed them on a shiny surface and wanted to capture some of the reflection. The sun was coming at an angle behind and to the right of them so that I didn't really capture the reflection. SOLD 6x6 inches oil canvas panel

Cypress Swamp II

I painted this swamp in a larger version. This is typical of a South Carolina swampland. It is really very beautiful. There are kinds of birds, reptiles, and other wildlife that inhabit these tranquil waters. These are the winter colors. In the summer this area will be overgrown with thick green vegetation. Oil 8x10 inches canvas panel

Near Parris Island

March 6, 2010

Cypress Swamp

I am really very new to landscape painting and so I'll be posting paintings that may not hit the mark. I want to be better and am studying. This is a cypress swamp in an area that my husband was adjusting his scope on his gun. It was very beautiful and serene. The foliage was winter colors and very soft. 6X8 inches oil canvas panel

Giant Red Pepper

While I was shopping yesterday I found this huge, beautiful red pepper. When I brought it home to put into a salad I had to paint it first. The color is the most vibrant red and red orange. I tried something a little different with this painting. I worked very diligently to keep the colors pure and paint slow enough to be able to evaluate each color as I laid them down. I like the results. The painting has a clarity that I am not sure I have obtained to this point. I merged several tecniques that other bloggers have shared. I scumbled in the layout drawing with a neutral and then laid the colors into the value areas. 6X6 inches] canvas panel oil March2, 2010