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This is another small white study. I used 6 values ranging from white (1) to (6)darker gray. It was interesting and I felt more in control. I mixed a big pile of white and then added the black to make the gray piles. It was fun and I learned something about soft and hard edges. I did this small white study yesterday and I had to redo most of it because it got so tight and I tried to not make any mistakes and we all know where that leads.

Study in White

I decided that I needed to get down to basics again. It seems that I have a tendency to rush a painting rather than taking plenty of time to do a very good drawing before beginning. Then to proceed with thought and care. In this painting I worked out a nice drawing before I laid brush to canvas. It was quite difficult for me but I learned a great deal. There are some major problems with the painting but I was afraid of losing it. I will try again and correct what I felt I did wrong. I took photos of the drawing and then erased them from my camera. Next time I will show the entire process.

Italian Eggplant

Eggplants are a beautiful vegetable and these tiny italian eggplants are no exception. I also bought this gorgeous glass plate at TJMaxx! It is a beauty and casts beautiful shadows to work from. 10"X10" Oil Canvas Panel

Tomato, lemon,salt

This still life definately had a mind of its own...I just decided to give into it's desires. 8X8 inches Oil Canvas panel

Pop Bottle Candies

When I was a little girl I remember getting these wax pop bottle candies...only I remember that they were held in a tiny cardboard pop container like the large bottles of pop. I used to love to drink the sugar water and then chew the wax. When I saw these in the grocery store all of those memories of hot, dusty, Wyoming summer days flooded my mind. It was oh so simple then and so pleasurable. Voting day here in SC....I was so excited to cast my ballot!!

The Wyoming Tetons

I decided to try the painting again only smaller. This is a 6"X4" study that I did in less than 30 minutes. I wanted to keep it fresh. Well, I have reclaimed my studio and it feels really good to be back. While thumbing through old photos that I had taken on our trip to Yellowstone Park, I came across a number of them that I wanted to paint. This is the first in a series.