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Abstract 17

Abstract........roses......bridging the gap between representation and abstract.......12"x 12".....oil.....will be for sale in my etsy shop........ ......

Three Red Tulips



Moving right along.....this is oil and is 10"x 8".....will be for sale when dry

Twilight   New painting ....oil...canvas ...16"X 12"


Procreate painting......"Purple Plums and 2 Bananas"

I am exploring my Procreate App ad enjoying the freedom that I is quick and colorful and just loads of fun.  Still continuing my Abstract painting class and I know that you all have seen the changes that I am going through.  I look forward to seeing how this will impact my oil painting.  Thank you so much for being a faithful follower......

Procreate painting

Oriental Bowl

Abstract #16

I feel good about this piece and feel that I made some real headway.  It was hard in that it is oil and large and it took hours of drying time before I could work color over color.

Abstract #15

This oil painting and oil crayon with graphite is painted on a panel and is 12"x 12"x 1/8".  I am moving right along in my class and enjoying it very much.  In many ways I feel as though I have come home.

In Progress

Not finished but well on its' way.

Abstract #10

Moving right along.....

Abstract #9

This was a fun one!!!!!


This is my new little sculpture that I created because I am so psyched about taking this online Abstract course........


Abstract #7

With this abstract what I was working with was color and mark making.  I like how it cam out and am excited to continue.....the class has given me guidelines to kind of Mark Daniel Nelson......look him up....fabulous teacher and artist.

Abstract #5

This weeks assignment in my abstract class was to create using geometric shapes and forms.  This is paper (color aid) paper on a wooden support.  I will fix the paper with some kind of protective finish yet to be figured out.  This abstract stuff feels right at home to me.  Loving it.....


New Abstracts for a class that I am taking.
New works....I am going to be taking an abstract course and I am warming up.....looking forward to learning some things......


This was an interesting to work on.  It is a high key painting and that presented its own kind of problem.  I really wanted the saltines to stand out and so I needed to work the values.  The smoked oysters were really fun to paint.  I have been wanting to paint them for months.  I am trying to decided whether or not I should include the roses that were on the paper the plate was sitting on.  I hope that I didn't make it too cutesy......what do you think?

Cocktail and Pink Himalayan Salt

I have included the initial layout of the drawing with the values being placed.  In the second listing I am beginning to lay in where the darkest darks will be and where the middle values will be and then where the lightest values are put in.  It was critically important that I work with only a few colors.  I chose cadmium red light, cadmium yellow medium, ultramarine blue, alizarin crimson, emerald green, and titanium white.  This gave the the most beautiful gray violets and pinks.  The reds were vibrant and intense.  It was tricky making the ice.  The umbrella had to be drawn very carefully because it led to the focal point.  The second focal  was the pink salt shaker.  All in all I am very pleased with the painting.  It has a nice value structure which you can see in the last entry.

Red Peony

Michael's had a really fabulous sale on all Spring and Summer flowers and I bought these red peonies.  LOVE them and they were so much fun to paint.  I am working very hard on the compositions in my paintings.  To begin with I section off the canvas into 3rds length and width.  I focus on finding where I want to find the focal point and try to place it in the sweet spot. this is one of the intersections of the length and width lines.  Do you follow me?  It resembles a tic tak toe board.  The I find my darkest darks and two more values including white.  I then lay in the darkest values and then the middle values. I end by putting in my lightest lights.  At this point there is quite a bit of refining that takes place.  I work hard to use a very limited palette and find a nice harmony between all of the colors.  It is a felt thing at this point to decide when the painting is done. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt

Tulips For You

Awww the tulips were in the grocery store ad I couldn't resist.  I bought the creamiest ones I could find........12"x 12"......canvas.....oil..... ...........I am reminded over and over again just how important the initial layout of a painting is.  Accurate, yet loose drawing in the beginning and then establishing your pattern of values.  I have been using Vermilion and Alizarin Crimson to to the drawing and light washes of values.  I like this because the color is easily absorbed into the painting.  I purposefully kept the color range narrow.  It is funny where one finds inspiration for a color scheme.  I took it from the cover of the latest Living Magazine.  It worked beautifully. Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. Rumi


12"x 12".....oil.....canvas.....painted from life.  The Asters were grown in my garden.....I am concentrating on my compositions and feel that they are tighter and more interesting.  I divide the canvas into thirds and find the 'sweet spot' in one of the intersections of the lines as they intersect.  This assures that the composition is not right in the center of the canvas and is more interesting and better aligned.......I also do a very simple yet accurate drawing of the general layout and then find the dark, medium , and light value structure.  With this painting I laid in the dark values first and then the secondary values and the light values are the last ones to place.  I stretch the values to create a nice tension. “I Think Goals Should Never Be Easy, They Should Force You To Work, Even If They Are Uncomfortable At The Time.” – Michael Phelp


24"x 18".....oil.....canvas.....for sale This was painted from life in my home studio.  The orchid was a beautiful reproduction that I bought in an antique store.  When I saw it I just had to purchase it knowing that it would make wonderful paintings.  I chose the color combination on purpose.  I love the yellow green and blue green background.  I used Cerulean Blue along with Cobalt Blue, Lemon Yellow and 3 reds.  It was a lovely harmony.  The apple in the composition is one of the fruits from the 1950's.  You have probably seen the grapes that were resin creations on a wood limb.....they came in a myriad of colors and were extremely popular during the Modernist period.  I had never seen a whole set of fruits including an apple, orange, grapes, banana and lemon before.  Since this is my favorite period of time I had to buy them to use in my paintings.  They are clear resin and are gorgeous with the light streaming through them.  Ahhhhh.....hea

Salt Marsh

New work 8"x 8" will be for sale in my Etsy shop.....


Procreate painting....this image can be sold in print form through my Etsy shop....

Dining Room

Procreate painting

Blue Vase and Purple Plums.....Procreate paintings

I love the app Procreate and am learning many wonderful things.