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Commission in progress

This is a commission that I am working on...quite a challenge!  I did the preliminary sketch in Raw Sienna with a brush and rags.  I have never done anything quite so far fun.....

Pink Roses

Another revisit....liking it very much.

Ice water and Lemon

I revisited this painting because I grew to despise that way that it was....I am happier with this one even though it is very expressive.  I worked with a 3 color palette which may not have been as successful of a color coordination as I would have liked.  I just could get the darks as dark as I wanted or the color range I desired.  I used Cobalt Blue, Cad Red Med, Cad Yellow Deep.  and Titanium white. Mainly, I wanted to let you know that I am working with the block that I have been experiencing and feel that this was a good start.

Red Hydrangea

Revisited this painting and am much more pleased....just let it happen and try not to direct everything...a lesson learned over and over again.

Still Life 013

This is a little 8"x 10" oil that I worked on today.  I was doing a few exersizes with Notan over the past few days and wanted to translate what I had been doing into color.  I will also include the black and white of this painting.  It was fun to do. I find that translating into color is a bit more challenging.  I love black and white.  Want  to continue with the black and white 5 minute studies.  I will show some of these tomorrow when I can photograph in natural light. One thing I must keep in mind is to keep it simple.  I could have simplified more and made it more interesting...hmmmmmmmm

Blind Contour.....Reworked

Line is really my stronger suit.  This began as a blind contour drawing and I like what was happening so I then drew from observation and finished it.  There were lots of marks and I had to try and incorporate them into the finished drawing.  This is a Sharpie marker drawing. I am laying myself out there very naked and I know that what I am doing isn't the best.....but if I don't try and grow and challenge myself I will always remain where I don't want to be.

Collage Work and Still Life Drawing

I am going to continue making my collage pieces until they no longer interest me.  AND.....I am going to focus on drawing again.  It has been a long time since I have been actively drawing just to draw.  It is incredibly good practice.  I will be starting a triple portrait commission in a few weeks and think that the drawing will help in that process.  I see a huge error in my composition with the black vase right behind the white vase....uggghhhhhh....well I will have be be more vigilant on my next drawing.  I also worked this drawing to death which I like but, it may not appeal to everyone.  The vase is my hobnail green vase and it was a lot of fun to draw although I had to really work the surface to get the right values.

Collage work

I worked on some collages this evening because I have a bit of a block against painting.  It is time I think to have the color calibrated because the color isn't exactly right.  Have you ever experienced a block?  Every now and again it happens to me and I am at a loss as to how to get past it.  I did some reading about a block and the suggestion was to work on something that would be different from my painting.  It was relaxing to just work with composition, colour, and shape.  I chose to work with these darker more neutral colors.  I seem to work a great deal in high key and I just wanted to challenge myself to work in a deeper palette.  The colors are really very pretty but they don't look that way.  I will ask my husband to do the calibration.

Dining Room I

This is a little 9"x 12" oil painting that I have been working on for months and have finally brought it to a conclusion.  Anyway, I think it is done.  I need to evaluate over time.