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Commission in progress

This is a commission that I am working on...quite a challenge!  I did the preliminary sketch in Raw Sienna with a brush and rags.  I have never done anything quite so far fun.....

Pink Roses

Another revisit....liking it very much.

Ice water and Lemon

I revisited this painting because I grew to despise that way that it was....I am happier with this one even though it is very expressive.  I worked with a 3 color palette which may not have been as successful of a color coordination as I would have liked.  I just could get the darks as dark as I wanted or the color range I desired.  I used Cobalt Blue, Cad Red Med, Cad Yellow Deep.  and Titanium white. Mainly, I wanted to let you know that I am working with the block that I have been experiencing and feel that this was a good start.

Red Hydrangea

Revisited this painting and am much more pleased....just let it happen and try not to direct everything...a lesson learned over and over again.

Still Life 013

This is a little 8"x 10" oil that I worked on today.  I was doing a few exersizes with Notan over the past few days and wanted to translate what I had been doing into color.  I will also include the black and white of this painting.  It was fun to do. I find that translating into color is a bit more challenging.  I love black and white.  Want  to continue with the black and white 5 minute studies.  I will show some of these tomorrow when I can photograph in natural light. One thing I must keep in mind is to keep it simple.  I could have simplified more and made it more interesting...hmmmmmmmm

Blind Contour.....Reworked

Line is really my stronger suit.  This began as a blind contour drawing and I like what was happening so I then drew from observation and finished it.  There were lots of marks and I had to try and incorporate them into the finished drawing.  This is a Sharpie marker drawing. I am laying myself out there very naked and I know that what I am doing isn't the best.....but if I don't try and grow and challenge myself I will always remain where I don't want to be.

Collage Work and Still Life Drawing

I am going to continue making my collage pieces until they no longer interest me.  AND.....I am going to focus on drawing again.  It has been a long time since I have been actively drawing just to draw.  It is incredibly good practice.  I will be starting a triple portrait commission in a few weeks and think that the drawing will help in that process.  I see a huge error in my composition with the black vase right behind the white vase....uggghhhhhh....well I will have be be more vigilant on my next drawing.  I also worked this drawing to death which I like but, it may not appeal to everyone.  The vase is my hobnail green vase and it was a lot of fun to draw although I had to really work the surface to get the right values.

Collage work

I worked on some collages this evening because I have a bit of a block against painting.  It is time I think to have the color calibrated because the color isn't exactly right.  Have you ever experienced a block?  Every now and again it happens to me and I am at a loss as to how to get past it.  I did some reading about a block and the suggestion was to work on something that would be different from my painting.  It was relaxing to just work with composition, colour, and shape.  I chose to work with these darker more neutral colors.  I seem to work a great deal in high key and I just wanted to challenge myself to work in a deeper palette.  The colors are really very pretty but they don't look that way.  I will ask my husband to do the calibration.

Dining Room I

This is a little 9"x 12" oil painting that I have been working on for months and have finally brought it to a conclusion.  Anyway, I think it is done.  I need to evaluate over time.

Sale in my Etsy shop!!

I am running a sale in my Etsy shop.....15% off through Monday at midnight....November 2015.  Stop on over and check out the savings on original artwork.  The selections below are just some of the paintings on display for sale.

Red Hydrangea

I immediately fell in love with this huge red hydrangea.  I know that it was dyed, but gosh, it is just gorgeous.  Red is my favorite color.....!   This is painted on an 8"x 8" Clayboard.....and I hate the surface of the clay just sucks all the oil out of the paint.  I will never buy this again.  Any of you have similar results?  I thought I was buying Gessoboard which I love.

Red Vase and Lemons

Finally folks, I have a painting.....I am overjoyed that I hung in there with this one.  I have learned so much about color as value and the introduction of grays.  My composition was just not working until I added a few more lemons and involved the foreground of the painting.  There were tears of utter frustration until I made break through after break through.  I am finally excited about painting again.  What have I learned?  Patience, persistence, looking, studying, analyzing, tenacity and willingness to leave what works and move on...... Oh......the painting is 20"x 20" on stretched canvas

Having Fun

Following through on ideas that I have.  Anxious to explore this at length!

Just Playing Around

I have been wanting to play with shape and color and these are the 3 paintings that I did today.  They are painted on Arches oil paper.  It is a very nice surface to paint on and I like it.  I plan on experimenting more with this technique.


I am evaluating this is a little rough....there are things that I like and some that I am not sure of.  Getting the drawing right for some reason was a real bear.  As always, things could change.....?  I am trying to find more color notes throughout the entire painting.

Red Bird---Red Chair

I know that you have seen this one before and I was never satisfied....given what I am learning and acknowledging about myself I went into it one last time.  Now, I LOVE it.  Learning to trust ones instincts is a big step forward.  At least it has been for me.  I decided that using thick paint isn't a curse!!!  I wish that my red chair still existed...but it doesn't.  There is a purple chair at the thrift store that I have my eye on and I just may get it.  It took me many days to get this composition right back when I put it together...that is a key element  to success.  There are times when you want to paint so badly and taking the time to lay out a good workable composition takes so much time!  But, a word to the wise...take all the time that it requires. Oh, and by the is not a sin to use black.  I make mine from alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, and cad yellow med.  It takes a bit of mixing to get just the right balance.

Red Roses in Glass

Trying something a little different...........

Pansy Sketch

This was a 45 minute timed oil sketch done on an 12"x 12" canvas panel.  I like the energy in it even if I feel that I need to do much more of this kind of painting.  I stuck right to the minute and didn't go back into the painting.  Good practice....Hmmmmmm....I am trying something a little different with color....what do you think?

Floral Red Vase

I have been working on this 20"x 20" floral for the past few days and feel comfortable with this conclusion.  The direction that I have been exploring for sometime is looser than past paintings.  Could I push it further?  Perhaps, but I just want to let this ferment and then move forward.  The red vase is one that I recently purchased from a thrift store.  It was love at first sight.  The pattern is almost like Majolica ware; many bright and interesting colors.  I worked on the composition in this painting because I feel that is an area of vulnerability for me.  The last thing I wanted was a rendering of the objects.  Color was my main interest along with shape. Looking and observing impressionist painters and the way that they not only laid down paint, but also, mixed colors next to one another gave me lots to aspire to.  What was lacking a bit because this is new ground that I am breaking was the direct emotional response to the paint.  I love the push pull of thick

Red Roses in Glass

This is a 9"x 12" oil painting on stretched canvas with thick buttery paint.  The colors are not quite right.....but close.  I may have to have my husband do a callibration on the colors of the monitor.  The painting will be for sale in my Etsy shop.

Salt Marsh --- Summer ---South Carolina

This is a small 4"x 6" oil painting on a Gessobord.  I have a computer to Windows 10 and having to make adjustments with the camera etc.  Will post now on a more regular basis.  This painting is for sale in my Etsy shop.


I painted this portrait of my sister when she was just a little girl.  Pleased with the way it turned out... Portraiture is not something that I do often even though I truly enjoy it.  Our grandmother took this photo in the 'rose gardens' in Portland, Oregon many years ago.  We used to go there every summer when she visited us.  Those are fond memories....

Savannah Theater

This little cityscape of the old Savannah theater is representative of the streets that line downtown Savannah Georgia.  I was lucky to be able to capture the scene with one of the touring trolleys right in front of the theater.

Pink Roses

This 8"x 10" oil painting happened over a long period of time.  Note the surface and its' texture.  I did paint this initially from life and then worked on it for many months referring to photos which I took before the roses wilted.   So good to be able to post again.  Hopefully my computer issues are over.... I used a limited palette here.  The palette I chose was cadmium red medium, quinacridone magenta, cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, titanium white, lemon yellow, cad yellow light. For sale in my Etsy shop. So happy to be up and running and thanks for stopping by!


Still no has been shipped and it may take up to a week before I can post images of new work.  I am sorry for this huge delay...thank you for sticking with me.... Linda Kay

Salt Marsh I

Well, folks....I will be out of a computer again for several weeks.  So I will post what I can until I don't have a way to do so.  This is an 8"x 10" oil on stretched canvas.  Low country scenes are always fun to paint.  My husband shot this image this past summer. I have learned that varying the size and direction and thickness of paint makes for a better, more interesting painting.  I achieved some of this in this painting, but I think it needs more variation.  So many things to think about while trying to keep it altogether. Oh, did I tell you that I cleaned out my Etsy shop....yep...threw out half of the paintings into the trash bin.  It felt good to rid myself of paintings that I didn't think measured up and to give my shop and new face.  If you would like to take a peek.... Sometimes I think that just shaking things up a bit is good.  Many of the paintings that were left were very old and looked over for a number of years.  Fal

Black Hollyhocks

Well it looks like I may be back new computer has some issues that need to be resolved....but at least I can post. This little 6"x 6" painting is painted on a Gessobord and will be for sale in my Etsy shop when completely dry. I have used the time away from my computer to paint my heart out and will be posting many new paintings. I have missed my blog and want to thank you for sticking through this difficult period which I hope is finally over.

Final Days of Summer

Still trying to find my balance...because I love brushwork I often use too much of it and my images appear graphic or like cut outs  I am working with this and trying to soften edges and provide more variety in my paintings.  Old habits are tough to break however so it is going to be difficult.  It is not meant to be a complaint only an assessment of where I am and where I would like to be and go. 


Another try at the setup.  Working very hard with color notes....trying to capture what I see.

Silver and Gold

What drew me to want to paint this particular still life was the lemongrass body crème and the silver and gold nail polish.  I then added the loose powder which became the focus of the painting.  In this painting I wanted to use shades of gray and achieve as subtle color as I possibly could; thereby still having plenty of color and light.  I worked this painting perhaps more than I desired, but I think it still has a fresh quality to it.  I realize that the initial layout of a painting is crucial and an area where I need tons of work.  I don't know why it is such a challenge for me.  I need to get away of thinking object and concentrate more on shapes in the beginning.  Anybody have any helpful suggestions?

Girlie Things

This little 6"x 8" oil painting is painted on Gessobord.  I have had much time to think and rethink my painting strategy and I am simplifying the number of my strokes and working on lost and found edges.  What I love about this painting are the number of interrelated colors and how they support one another.  I like the active surface.  I have been spending much time looking at the Impressionists and works of contemporary impressionist artists while I was without a computer.  I would say that much of the work I have been doing has been in my mind.  As much as I love color I am also aware that grays help to hold a painting together and make the other colors pop.  In this painting I tried to incorporate warm and cool grays.  Putting all of these things together is challenging.

So Excited!

My computer comes tomorrow! New work coming.....the rest has been fortuitous for me! It will take a couple of days to get the computer loaded with all things that I need....but my blackout is nearly over!!!
I just wanted to let everyone know that my computer I'd dying and I need to get a new will be a few weeks...that is why there will be no postings.....only a few.......

Day 2

Day 2 getting closer...but not there yet

Portrait.....Day 1

Day drawing is lacking.....I will post a drawing a day....portraiture......for 30 days.

Peach Roses on Yellow Table

I am pushing myself a little further with every painting.  My gift is not painting something realistically, but rather, alluding to the impression of form.  I have worked and reworked this painting until finally resolving some of the areas that gave me indigestion .  Another of the tips that Putnam suggested is to put distance between you and the canvas so that you can't  tighten up.  She suggests putting a garbage can in front of the easel....while I didn't do that I kept a respectable distance from the piece.  I like the outcome of this painting and the colors that have emerged.

Red Bird

This is one of those paintings that I just couldn't leave alone until I felt that I had carried it as far as possible.  I love colour and this was an opportunity to unleash color. 

Peach Roses in Glass

  In this small 8"x 6" oil painting I did not do a preliminary drawing and worked by laying down in gestural impression of the forms and shapes.  I have been participating in a Croquis group and we have spent a great deal of time on gesture drawing. It came very naturally to approach the painting in this manner.  One of my favorite painters from many years ago is Berthe Morisot'.  I am including one of her still life paintings.  When analyzing her painting it is gestural and the paint is somewhat thin and some of the canvas is left stained or unpainted.  This is a look that I like very much.  The paint seems to be applied as though she were drawing with the paint brush.

Salt Marsh

First of all I need to photograph this painting again because it has a glare on it. Having said that I am really pleased with this tiny 6"x 8" painting done in oil on Gessobord.  I worked from a photograph that my husband took of a salt marsh in Beaufort County.  I have learned so much from the Putnam DVD and like to listen to her speak when I am painting.  I find that I am always picking up another little tidbit of information.  One of the critical things that I learned was how important it is to have a variety of brushstrokes and in different directions.  It helps to make the painting more complex and interesting.  I also worked the color pushing the darks and finding a wide range of greens.  If you are familiar with Putnam's work you will find these elements in her work.  Painting is a combination of lots of thought and fun surprises.

Peach Roses

This is a 20"x 20" oil painting on a stretched canvas.  I have stated before that setting up a still life is such a big challenge.  I analyzed just exactly what I enjoyed about other peoples work that I like and it comes down to an emotional reaction to something in the setup.  For this painting I searched through my stash of items and found several that I deeply love.  So I was happy with the items I chose and felt a connection to it.   The next challenge that I have been working on is laying down what I call purposeful mark making.  I tried diligently to think about the color, the brush, the stroke and the shape before I put brush to canvas.  I feel very successful in this painting.  It is fresh, spontaneous and pretty.  I am going to take a class from James Richards at the end of August and I think that I will gain so much.  I keep referring back to my DVD from Lori Putnam and love to paint as she is speaking!!  LOL Who do I look at when I am painting a still life.  Pri

Fort Freemont South Carolina


Interior with Hydrangea

This my dining room table....I took liberties with the color but there are strong similarities.  This painting is 9"x 12" on a stretched canvas.  While painting this painting and analyzing my approach I was thinking about what I wanted to achieve in the outcome.  So many of the paintings that I truly admire have a brevity in composition with meaningful brushwork.  The paintings are not overworked and each mark seems to be done with forethought.  To achieve this it means slowing down and not laying paint until understanding how each stroke relates to the next.  Sooooo....I took a deep breath and laid down a color to tone my canvas that seemed to be my first impression when looking at the subject.  Next I did a marker drawing on paper of the scene and established in my mind the darks, middle, and light value shapes.  Once I  understood was before me I was ready to begin.  I then laid down a rough drawing with ultramarine blue and raw umber mixed to a nice gray black.  Now, m

My Ride

This little 8"x 10" painting is in the direction that I have wanted to travel for a long time.  It is loose and gestural.  I have a ways to go because I am feeling my way along.  In the layout I chose a yellow orange to stain the canvas and then proceeded with thought as I laid down each stroke of paint. I am happy with the results and anxious to move forward.

The Box

This is a gouache painting of my birthday box.  Some treasures to be sure.....  The gray background pulled the painting together.  That vase is part of my birthday box...a Jadeite is beautiful.  This composition is a little tight although I believe it still works.  I need to work more diligently in creating a deeper space.