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No Tears

6X6 $100 Available on my Etsy site   I worked hard on this painting...I redid it about 3 times and now I am happy with it.  I have found that darks are not always as dark as they seem.  It is a real interplay of colors and value that make a painting sing.                                                               

Oh Yummmmm!

8X10 $145 Available on my Etsy site   My husband and I often go to the Farmer's Market early on Saturday mornings and take in the sight, smells, and sounds.  I love the festive atmosphere.  All of the tables abundantly display their fresh produce in baskets colorful and delicious.  These foccacia caught my eye!  My husband shot these great photos for me...he is quite the budding photographer!!!

This Little Pig

6X6 $70 Available on my Etsy site   My heart aches over the tragedies the past few weeks have heaped on our country, families, and all tender spirits.  May we find comfort during these difficult days. I have had great difficulty painting and this little pig became my greatest nemesis.  But, I persevered knowing that I would bring it around.  I I must try again!!!

Lino Cut

  4X4       It has been a long time since I have done lino cuts and it will be a while before I get better at it!  But I enjoyed it so much.

Sweet Things

6X6 $100 Available on my Etsy site   This was a fun little painting to do.  I backlit the still life so that the light would shine through the jar of honey and light the edges of the candy can.  I was working wth darker values and balancing the composition with light.  I am very happy with this little painting.

Present Making

Fruit Salad

6X6 $100 Available on my Etsy site   This painting is a treasure hunt.  There is an orange, a pear, and a red bird...can you see them?  It has been coming for some time now that I wanted I really wanted to do was to  just let loose and play with color and shape with an indication of form.  This is the result.  It was glorious to enjoy every stroke of paint!

Three Green Pears

8X8 $115 Available on my Etsy site   This painting has undergone a metamorphosis in the last 24 hours because what I was trying for was just not successful.  The colors are quite muted but they are more vibrant than I was abel to capture.  The painting is really quite warm.  I am happy with this painting and want to thank Robin Rosenthal for her more than helpful advice.  I have a tendency to just splash around sometimes without in depth  thought as to where and how to place color and value.  That is a big problem.  With this painting I was very deliberate in my choices and I am very happy.
OK well,  I have been wanting to construct an art doll and this is what I have been doing for the past several days.  She is not nearly finished, but, I wanted you to see that I have been busy!