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Showing posts from February, 2015

Eggplant and Hibiscus

I had fun painting this one today.  Eggplants are such a luscious vegetable with rich colors and reflections.  I am getting more used to my Rosemary brushes and now realize that they hold paint very well and the stroke is smooth. 

Asparagus Spears

These babies were a bear to paint.  It is a tendency (for me) to want to paint what I see....but my strength lies in painting what I see and feel.  I am learning and it is taking a long time to discipline myself to never settle but to push forward.  There is that incredible magical feeling when all things fought for begin to coalesce and the painting begins to breath on its own.  Living for that moment is my greatest desire in painting. By the way, I bought Rosemary Brushes and they are superb.  I will never look back!!!

Rockin' Radishes

Oh these were fun to paint.  I am still gleaning a great deal of information from my Putnam DVD and this prompted me to work on this painting quickly and decisively.  I sometimes get lost in the desire to paint every little thing and so my quest is to leave a little bit more to the imagination of the viewer.  I felt that this painting was successful in that area.  I did a thumbnail sketch which is something that is stressed in her book and DVD.  It just helps to get a desirable Notan down before painting.  I feel that I am learning a lot even if I walk backwards sometimes.  (As in yesterday's painting)

Japanese Lantern

I have had this gorgeous little cast iron lantern for sometime and finally painted it.  I lit the candle inside to show its beautiful light.  I chose an under painting in pink and used a white background and it was just washed out.  I decided to use this grayed violet to emphasis the yellow green of the lantern.  Thanks, were one hundred percent right!  Thank you!!!!

Red Wedges

My latest Thrift Store find.  These great red shoes are also very comfortable!  Enjoyed painting them even though it was a challenge to get the harmony just right.  I chose Cad Red Deep, Cad Yellow Deep, Ultra Blue, and Permanent Green Deep along with Titanium White.  Kind of strange palette.  I like the results.  Oh and I did add a little bit of Violet.  The drawing part was the key to its success and I had to work mightily to achieve it!!  Perseverance.......

Japanese Floats

These floats were a gift to me on Christmas from my sister.  I Love Them!!!  The challenge with this painting was to depict the cloth and create a transparency through the floats.  As I have previously, stated painting transparency is one of my greatest delights.  But, seriously, depicting the color of the floats and then maintaining an illusion of depth through the glass proved to be really hard.  Many wipes outs later I finally achieved what it was I was looking for.  It is wonderful to be mindful of your strokes and color, but it is helpful when you lose yourself in the image and instinctively put brush to board.