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Little Glass Dog

This painting needed some work after thinking it was done. I am confident that if I let a painting rest a little longer that I will find the correct conclusion.

Little Glass Dog

Loved working with this cheerful palette! The mums are in full force in my garden and I love it! The little glass dog in the right hand side of the painting is an Etsy aquisition. It is vintage and held small candies back in the day. The candies are long gone, but, the chain around his neck is still intact. I just loved the shapes of color in the glass. 10X10 inches Oil Canvas Panel

Fruit Cocktail

The compressed space in this painting is full of activity making this painting energetic and colorful. I worked all day long on a painting only to wipe it out and start again. This painting fell together fairly quickly after the labor intensive failure. There was a ground of red as the underpainting which adds a warm glow. 6X6 inches Oil Raymar Canvas Panel

'Green Apple' still life by Linda Hunt

When I bought this bottle of rice vinegar I was mesmerized by the color of the vinegar and knew that I needed to paint it. It took some time setting up a still life that would incorporate the beautifully shaped bottle. The swatch of cloth that used is a brilliant cool yellow that has great reflective qualities. I wanted to capture some of the interplay of colors that were thrown from the objects on to the cloth. 8X8 Oil Canvas Panel
Day 46

Salt and Pepper

A failure to be sure....I worked all day and this was all I had to show for it...Oh well....Not a great day, but tomorrow is another day:)

For Mother's Day

I have been busy painting these ity bitty paintings as a gift for my Mother-in-Law. They are so small and I haven't painted this small that I can think of. They range in size from 1 5/8 inch, 2 X 1/2 inch to 3X 2 1/2 inch. Whew! So I will paint tonight and get something new on for tomorrow. This project just took time.


I bought these little geisha dolls some time ago and just love painting them. I enjoyed painting the blue violet fabric again minus the polka dots. I tried putting them in and the painting became too busy. I like detail, but I prefer limited detail. 10X10 Oil Canvas Panel
Day 45


Grapefruits are one of my favorite fruits to paint. I love the lush interior and the bright yellow skins. In this painting I also focused on the fabric and tried to slightly indicate the folds and changes of light. I loved the polka dots and felt that they set the painting off! 8X8 Oil Canvas Panel Day 44

My Blue Bottle

I bought six of these cobalt blue bottles recently and have been enjoying using them in my still life set ups. I have a variety of shapes and sizes. Finding the balance in my painting style leads me to challenge everything I do, and sometimes I just settle for less when if I had pushed just a little harder I would have found what I was looking for. That is the case with this painting. I realizd that it wasn't working at all and went back into the painting very carefully seizing upon the opportunity to rework strategic ares of form and color. I am happy with the results. I wish that my process were cleaner and more polished and maybe that will come in time, but for now, I muddle along. Does anyone else relate to this? I the only culprit! Day 43

Sweet Seduction

I am following my instincts lately and trying something a little different that I am enjoying. I am abstracting the forms and trying to get the feeling of what I found exciting about the set up. I am pushing and pulling the paint to get not only the essence of the color but also the texture. I am having a lot of fun and feel freed from the absolute rendering of an image.

It's Comin' Up Roses

I really enjoyed painting this setup and feel that I have made a break through in my painting. Excited to move forward. oops another change. I am finding that I keep wanting to simplify. There may be more changes, but, I think that I am there! 16X20 Oil Stretched Canvas Day 42


I have been working in the garden trying to rake up dead leaves and plant a few flowers and a tiny vegetable garden...sooo....I haven't been able to paint or draw. I am posting a portrait of an old woman. This was done in graphite.


I think that this may need a little more work...unfortunately we ate the bananas. I will let it rest and come back into it later.