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Here are more pictures of Stella and Sadie. I have been unable to get into my studio to husband is remodeling the master bathroom and we are having some other work done on the house and all of the equipment is stored in my studio. Hopefully I will be able to get there this upcoming week. I miss you all and miss being in touch... Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday and a very Prosperous New Year!!!


This is our Sadie. She is a rescue and we think around 18 months old. She is a very sweet girl...with a loud voice! We are all adapting and adjusting to the new situation.
Hi, I have been unable to post due to some home renovation and our new puppy! I haven't had time to paint. I am beginning to feel rather desperate:)! Will try to get to the studio this afternoon. Hope that all of you are having a wonderful HOLIDAY!!
We have had some pressing issues come up and this has taken precidence over painting. I hope to be able to spend time in my studio tomorrow.


My absence has not been invain. I have had much to do with the holidays as I am sure we all have. But more importantly I have been evaluating and re-evaluating my painting and beginning the process of exploration and hopefully improvement. There has always been something that bothered me about my painting and that was the lack of modulation of color. I recently purchased a DVD by a woman whose work I admire. She is a really fine painter and colorist. Her name is Camille Przewodek. Now I feel armed with the knowledge that will lead me eventually to where I want to be with my painting. I have a long way to go, but that is the journey. This painting was one that I had been working on and it is always difficult to go back into a painting and try to do something structually that should have been in place at the beginning of the painting process. I feel that I made improvements none-the-less. Now I begin a new and wonderful adventure.


Well....I had trouble with the painting until I determined that what really bothered me was the composition and the color. I replaced an object and added more color and I am happy. :) Perserverence 12X12 Oil Stretched Canvas


'Tis the season! 6X8 Oil Canvas Panel

My Satin Shoes

I used just 2 brushes in this painting. I wanted to work with a limited number of strokes and so I chose a number 12 flat and a number 6 flat. It was loads of fun and I am happy with the outcome. 10X10 inches Oil Canvas Panel


8X8 Oil Canvas Panel


This is the last rose from my garden. They were very lovely. 6X6 Oil Raymar Canvas Panel

My Little Umbrella

I have been busy with non painting duties and have missed painting. I pulled this little painting together today...


Today on my walk the air was crisp and the smell of autumn was in the air. The colors in this still life evoke that kind of feeling within. Quiet walks...the air nipping at your face and fingers...a time of rest for the earth. 12"X12" Oil Stretched Canvas

It Falls Like Rain

I am not sure why I chose this title except that the painting made me feel like rain inside. Not a bad feeling just a solemn, beautiful moment. 5X7 Oil Canvas Panel

Two Little Birds

I have been painting these birds over and over again and feel that this painting is finally working. I learned so much from the continued exploration.

Salt Marsh III

Sold 9"X11" Oil Canvas Panel

Salt Marsh

This was a very fun painting to do. It is part of a commission. This is the Salt Marsh in the winter colors. 9"X11" Oil Canvas Panel

Hand Challenge

This is my submission to the Daily Paintworks 'hand challenge'. It is done from life and my hand kept moving slightly was challenging to say the least. 8"X8" Oil Canvas Panel

Single Pomegranite

Who knew that a napkin could be so difficult to paint? 8"X8" Oil Canvas Board


I am still working with transparency. I was pleased with this set up and the way that it turned out. It was tricky getting the ribbon to curl properly with the correct values. For some reason the yellow is not photographing well. It is more washed out than it actually is. I will try and locate a spot that maintains the integrity of the color and photograph again. 5"X7" Oil Raymar Canvas Panel

Bottled Up

Click Here To Bid This painting came out a little looser than I may have been the consistency of the paint which is a bit foreign to me.


10X10 Oil Canvas Panel


I am intriqued with these golden glass ornaments and enjoy painting the color and the shape. I bought this beautiful cylindrical vase yesterday...Love it! 7X5 inches Oil Canvas Panel


Click Here To Bid Getting a better handle on grays! I think the little bird approves. 6X6 inches oil canvas panel


My intention in this painting was to put the gold glass ornaments in shadow and focus the light on the mum. I wanted to see what kind of value structure it would take to make the ornaments look gold and in shadow. 6X8 Oil Canvas Panel

Two Gold

Click Here To Bid The turquoise blue satin cloth was a pleasure to work with. I liked the gold tone glass balls against this backdrop. How did I get the ball to stay in that position? A little tape :) 6X6 inches Oil Canvas Panel

Red and Gold

I know! They are already in the stores and I couldn't resist. 6"X6" Oil Raymar Canvas Panel

Geisha Snowglobe

Click Here To Bid 6X6 inches Oil Raymar Canvas Panel Isn't this the cutest? I simply fell in love with this tiny 2 inch snowglobe.


6X6 Oil Canvas Panel

Green Grapes SOLD

6X6 Oil Canvas Panel

Vinegar and Honey

6X8 Oil Canvas Panel

Ceramic Birds

More practice work here. These birds were not clear glass but they were white ceramic which was challenging to paint. I am finding that value is the key. I like the way that this painting turned out. 6X6 OIl Canvas Panel

Little Glass Dog

Now this was difficult to do. Painting a glass figurine poses all kinds of problems. I think that the most difficult is finding a background of the right value that shows off the glass. It was great practice. I have hung in on this painting and now I am pleased with the results. It was very difficult and I learned sooo much. Don't give up until it suits you is the first thing I learned!

Cypress Swamp

8X10 Oil Stretched Linen This is a palette knife painting. I haven't done any in the past and felt like experimenting today.

Salt Marsh I

9X11 Oil Canvas Panel

Grapefruit and Herbal Tea II

Click here to bid 6X6 Oil Canvas Panel I wasn't satisfied with the painting yesterday and did another painting from the same subject. I am much more pleased with the results. I have a tendency to load on the paint when not when I am not thinking intently about my strokes. I also tried to use less strokes and make them count.

Grapefruit and Herbal Tea

8"X8" Oil Canvas Panel $95.00 plus $8.00 shipping in lower U.S. Gray is an interesting color to work with. I set up a challenge for myself by having a white cup set against a white piece of fabric. I worked very hard on stretching my values in gray and still keeping the white cup reading white against a white background.

Oh yummm!

6"X6" Oil Raymar Canvas Panel $75.00 plus $8.00 shipping in the lower United States. I have eaten dried figs many times...I love them. Today I bought fresh figs after learning how to eat them. Oh my gosh!! They are so delicious. I love the blue hue of their skins and their plump little shapes.

Light of Life

12"X12" Oil Canvas Panel This painting was one that I had a great deal of fun with. It grew out of a painting that I wasn't satisfied with and went back into. I love the light in this piece and the abstract nature of the piece.

Secret Garden

10X10" Oil Canvas Panel My grandmother's velvet shawl was the inspiration for this painting. It is a shawl that my Uncle brought back with him from Japan. When I was a little girl my greatest honor was to wear it when I went to a movie. It probably looked ridiculous because it is quite long...but I felt like a princess!

Are You Serious?

Well, this one is better than yesterday and I actually really enjoyed painting it. I have learned that value is the key. I also think that I must keep my brush much cleaner and not drag so much from stroke to stroke.

Bird Salt & Pepper

6X6 inches Oil Raymar CAnvas Panel Well, these were challenging!:) I did one wipe out and decided that this was probably as good as it will get today. I think that my grays could have been a little darker. It was good practice and I will definately paint them again.

In Remembrance

12X12 inches Oil Canvas Panel Today has been a day of looking back on 911 and remembering the loss of innocence that our country suffered. I love America and the resiliency of this country.

Black Plum

10X10 inches Oil Canvas Panel This was one of those wonderful experiences where the paint just fell off the brush. I love the black plums when they come into season. Everytime I paint them I am reminded of a black plum tart that an old German lady used to make and share with me. I never did get the recipe and wish that I had. So if anyone has a great recipe please let me know!

Good Read

Summer Bouquet

This was a nice set up to work from. I chose a larger format and enjoyed the increase in size. With this painting I did an underpainting and was careful to plan more fully. I determined the key that I wanted the painting and worked my color from there. In particular, I enjoyed painting the flowers and the pattern on the background paper. 12"X12" Oil Stretched canvas

Watermelon and Bottles

I'm not sure what to say about this gave me fits. I finally just hinted at the bottles and in some ways I like them only faintly gestured in. 8X8 Oil Canvas panel


I have begun to re-evaluate my painting strategy and I find that things are troubling me. I am ending up with some mud at times and my brushstrokes get lost in too much mark making. I painted this petunia one stroke at a time. It was tempting to kind of mussshh around, but, I kept things clean. I was pretty happy with the results. 6X6 Oil Raymar Canvas Panel

Roasted Peppers

Jello paper cut painting

Many monthes ago there was a challenge to paint a dish of jello and a spoon...I never entered this piece and while rummaging around I found the paper painting and thought that it was nice enough to show. Funny how distance from something changes our perspective.