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Peeled Orange

Several artists whose work I admire have painted a peeled orange. I decided that this was a challenge I would take on. I placed it on an old vintage doily that I have had for many years. By the way, you just don't see doilies in homes very often anymore. This doily is croched in a cream colored thread. The orange was fun to paint. The light illuminated the orange flesh and looked as though it glowed. It took a number of hours over several days to capture what I wanted. The orange is pretty shriveled. 6X6 inches oil canvas panel If you are interested in any of my paintings please contact through Etsy. You will see an Etsy mini on this blog page.

Butter Beans SOLD

This little shack was part of a greenhouse and novelty gift complex. The name was Butter Beans. Unfortunatley it is no long in business but holds sentimental value to me. It is located in the heart of Port Royal which is a small community right on the waterway. I used to love the fresh flowers that Butter Beans carried and would bring them home to paint. When I drove past the other day I had to stop and snap a photo. I have always wanted to paint this sweet building and its surrounds. This oil painting is 5X7 inches on canvas panel. If you are interested in any of my paintings please email through Etsy.

Red Grapes

Grapes are so difficult for me to paint. I want to capture every little nuance of change and find that makes a busy painting. I responded to the light that filtered through the globes of color. The transition of light to shadow and the changes in value also intrigued me. February 25, 2010

Blue Lobster SOLD

SOLD This oil painting is 12X12 inches on canvas panel. I have been wanting to paint the figure again and this scene intrigued me. The foreshortened posture was interesting. Today is a chilly but very sunny day. It made me think of the beach! February 19, 2010

Bosc Pears on Red Scarf

These Bosc pears are really beautiful but I found them challenging to paint. The value and color changes are very close and difficult to see. I have had this rich red scarf for a number of years and thought that it would make the perfect background. I just love the way the light sparkles on the satin stipes. The red reflection was an added bit of beauty. This oil painting is 6X6 inches on canvas panel. February 18th 2010


Peaches are now in the grocery stores...I always love this time of year when they appear. I bought several but they were so good and I had to paint before they were all gone. In this 6X6 inch painting I tried to work as directly as possible while experimenting with color.


This is a small 5 inch by 7 inch study of a home in Savannah. I think it was the lush vegetation and architectural elements that caught my attention. SOLD

Butter and Egg

February 16, 2010

Red Plums

There was just something about this little study that I didn't like so I changed it and prefer the changes made. February 25, 2010

A Little Princess

I love Golden's. This is my dog Stella. She is a real little princess and knows it. Don't they all!! For those of you who viewed this image I wasn't please with the chair or the background and went into the painting and changed it. I like it much better now. February 14, 10 SOLD


This painting was a lot of fun to work on. I wanted to keep the abstract quality of the image and work with color. This oil painting is 6 inches by 8 inches on Raymar canvas panel. February 11, 10

Kool aid

I was searching for something to paint and when I looked at he light streaming through my glass of kool aid I had one of those ah ha moments. I tried to capture the wonderful intense reds. The cloth was actually white and I took liberties to add a slightly violet cast. I just couldn't stand the green background color and followed my intuition and replaced it with a softer blue violet. I think that it works much better. This oil painting is 6 inches by 6 inches on canvas panel. Febrtuary 10, 2010

Daisies in Cut Glass Vase

The weather has been unusually cold for the South. When I saw these beautiful white daisies in the grocery store they just perked my spirits up and I had to paint them. This oil painting is 8 inches by 10 inches on canvas panel. If you are interested in purchasing this or any of my paintings please go to my Etsy store. February 8th, 2010

Pomegranite In Silver Dappled Bowl

February 4, 2010 I have wanted to paint a Pomegranite with the peeling removed revealing the transparent fruit seeds and I feel that I finally got a painting I was pleased with. I experimented with deep forshortening and view from above. The biggest challenge were the indentatins on the silver bowl until I treated them as strands of pearls. This oil painting is 8 inches by 8 inches on canvas panel. If you are interested in purchasing this or any of my paintings please visit my Etsy shop.

Roma Tomato

February 2, 2010 Another very chilly and rainy day today and it makes me want to huddle in my studio and paint. These very luscious tomatoes became a wonderful BLT before they were painted. Because they are small I had to cut them lengthwise to fit a sandwich. It was very tricky. They were sweet and beautiful in rich red and red orange color.