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Drawing Day 10

  6"X 6" Derwent Wash Pencils Paper This was the first time that I have used my new Derwent Wash Pencils.  You draw as regular and use a wet paint brush with water to spread and diffuse the graphite as a wash.  I have a light, medium and dark pencil.  It was a great deal of fun!  The marigolds are the last from my garden and I put them in my Vaseline glass vase for display. 

Pink Rose Bouquet

  5"X 7" Oil Canvas Panel  $90.00 I loved painting this little painting...I have found that sometimes I like to work from photos that I have taken from my still life setups.  Things stay put!

Day 9

  15"X 11" Graphite Drawing Paper     I used a great deal of line in this drawing.  I think if I had to do it over again I would have used a very fine line on the bouquet of roses.  I had a great deal of fun with this drawing.  I tried to render with line, the pattern of the cloth under and behind the bouquet.  I deepened the line in the pattern with heavy dark line.  This was a great exercise.

Drawings day 5,6,7,8

I fell behind in listing drawings in my 30 drawings in 30 days challenge.  I am caught up now.  Some of these drawings are older and ones that I especially like.

Stella Sleeping Sketch

  6"X 6" Graphite on paper     Day 5....30 drawings in 30 days....She kept moving all over the place!  I love to draw my dogs probably because I am so familiar with their forms and shapes.  Now on to a painting today!

Pink Rose

  6"x 6" Oil Ampersand Gessobord $100.00   This has be a real trial of patience and fortitude.  I am mentally exhausted.  It finally came around when I just said..." to heck with it"  ....then I relaxed and finally something happened.  What did I learn?  Well, I will really need to evaluate, but I think that going for big blocks of color fields helps.  Let it move from the brush...don't try to direct too much.

Rose Sketch

      I began a 30 drawings in in 30 days.  This is a 6"X 6" drawing on Raffine paper.


  6"X 6" Oil Ampersand Gessobord $100.00 With this painting I became aware of the tactile quality of the paint and used it to sculpt some of the forms.  The paint is quite thick in some place.  I think that it is close to palette knife painting.  These zinnia are from my garden this year. Where does one draw the line between what you see and what works?   Do any of you have an opinion?

Ummm Fresh Lemons

                                                                             6"X 6" Oil Ampersand Gessobord $100.00 I have a difficult time painting yellow....I don't know exactly what it is but I find it really hard to figure out what the shadow color is.  I also feel that there doesn't need to be too very big of a jump in value from light to shadow.  This painting can be found here : 

Red and Green

      6"X 6" Oil Ampersand Gessobord $100.00     There was an objective with this painting.  I am exploring shape and color in the context of a recognizable still life.  I often struggle with still life setups, with this one I had a very clear objective.  I don't really like to explore narrative in my work and that left me with "So what else".  I was a bit constrained but I think that this will work its way out as I continue to explore these perameters.  This painting is found here .


  4"X 6" Oil Canvas Panel $90.00 I have made a small video showing the process of painting this painting from start to finish you can find it on my Facebook page. Tricky little painting to do!  Getting the color to work was a real challenge.

Small Tomatoes

  4"X 6" Oil Linen Covered Board $90.00 Darn....I meant to follow this painting from layout to finish and I forgot!  Hopefully I will remember tomorrow.  My friend Jo MacKenzie told me of a great site that allows you to paint the photographs that the members post.  This was from a very talented photographer on site.  Setting up a still life is still one of my biggest challenges.

Red Grapes

  11"X 14" Oil Stretched Canvas $175.00   This is a painting that I have been working on for quite a little while.  I finally think that I have harmony in this painting.

White Peony Bouquet

  6"X 6" Oil Ampersand Gessobord $100.00   This little floral painting was painted alla prima in one session.  I will push to be more gestural in the next floral painting.  This painting can be found here .  I bought a book on Chinese Flower Painting and I am hoping that I will get a feel for the structure of the flowers.

Tea and Lemon

  6"X 6" Oil Ampersand Gessobord $100.00 Feels good to be back painting!  My yard called to me for 2 days which felt like and eternity away from the brush!  This painting found here : 

Collage.....30 in 30 challenge

These are some of the paintings that I created for the 30 in 30 challenge.