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Grapefruit in Yellow Bowl

This painting makes me feel really happy. Sometimes when I paint an object it just makes me smile inside and this beautiful Ruby Red grapfruit did this for me today.


I have been wanting to paint this coconut for sometime, but couldn't figure out how to get the coconut open. I used a hammer and screwdriver, unfortunately the coconut milk was sent flying all over my kitchen floor. I did this preliminary sketch before I will start the painting to explore the forms and composition.

Red Flower in Glass Vase


Drawing # IX

I am continuing with a series of drawings exploring flowers and flowers in containers. I am going to produce 100 drawings and it will be interesting to see the development during this exersize. It is much the same as daily painting, but, not done on a daily basis. I intend to use a variety of media. This drawing is 11 by 14 inches on bristol board and drawn with pencil. If interested in purchasing any of my works you can go to my Etsy shop.


I have begun a series of drawing where I want to explore one subject matter through 100 drawings. I don't know where this will lead me or what effect it will have upon my painting, but I am excited to explore. These drawings below are a couple from the first series of 10.
Drawing # VI SOLD

Purple Flower and White Cup SOLD

I have had to take a break from paiting for a couple of days and today was my first day back. I just needed some time to do nothing and I felt much better today. I love this big chunky cup.



Pomegranite SOLD

I am struggling with color. I see it in my mind and yet find it difficult to translate into paint. I think more as a tonal painter in my application. I desire to grow a little and take bigger risks. SOLD

Two Apples

Pencil 6 X 61/2 inches
6X6 Oil SOLD

Umbrella SOLD

I searched all over for tiny party umpbrellas and found packages of 3 and 4, but I just kept looking and ended up purchasing a package of 144 because they were only $2.00 more. Now I have pary umbrellas for life. 10 inches X 10 inches Oil


I bought these bautiful flowers and just fell in love with all of them especially the large sunflower. 11 x 14 Oil
I just wanted to share a tip that I have found on cleaning my oil painting brushes. I have been using a 98% Vegan lye soap and it cleans my brushes beautifully and leaves them supple. I happened onto it by accident and have used this ever since. I only use the vegan soap not the animal fat kind.