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Bed & Breakfast

This is the painting from today's class. I feel that I am learning a great deal.

Carriage Ride

This if the painting from the first class in a painting class that I am taking. This is an 8X10 inch painting on stretched canvas.

White painting #5

I am enjoying painting white paintings. There is something very rewarding about just dealing with value and stretching myself to explore other elements of good picture making. I bought a box of 20X20 inch canvases and am loving painting on them. This size permits me to lavish my brushwork with extra care and precision. I plan on exploring more with white paintings until I feel like exploring color once again. There was a great deal of glass in this still life painting. I found the glass flower in the lower right hand corner in a thrift shop and it was instant 'love at first sight'. The cloth in the painting is a piece of filmy white sheer fabric with white ribbon like stripes running throughout. I simply love transparency and reflection. It was very rewarding to challenge myself to capture the essence of these elements.


My beautiful orchid blossom has long passsed and I am left with these lovely green leaves. Sometimes it is difficult to come up with a subject to paint. I searched my home and this little plant just seemed to say, "paint me". Bid Here

Happy Valentine's Day!

This week's challenge on Daily Paintworks was centered around delicious treats for Valentine Day. I looked over eclairs, cakes, cheese cakes, candy, chocolate covered strawberries and then I found this pretty HUGE cupcake. I knew that the frosting would present a challenge and it did! The biggest challenge came from persuading my two Golden Retreiver sidekicks to not even think about jumping up and taking it. Their noses sniffed this delectible goody out right away!:)

White Study #4

This painting was painted for the white painting challenge at Daily Painterworks. I was happy with the results. Once again I mixed a mid range value and then either lightened or darkened trying not to go past a number 6 on a scale of 1 to 10.


I felt like playing today. It seems that I have discovered color all over again! Such fun!!!


This is a painting of my niece that my sister commissioned. I am not sure where the landscape is, but it is either Oregon or Utah. This was a nice change from still life work.

Sweet and Sour

This painting is at a point where I don't want to work on it more...I feel that I reached what I was looking for. For some reason I am getting glare on the painting when photographing. I will try and reshoot later. 16X20 Oil Stretched Canvas

a painting in progress

Today's progress...minor details perhaps to finish. Actually, this painting is really undergoing a going over...I am really not happy with it.

a painting in progress

This painting is in its early stages...I photographed in my studio so the color is way off....but you can see the progression.

layout sketch

This is a sketch on canvas for a new painting. It is not completed and there may be changes. This is a much larger painting. I think it is about 18X24.


This is a redo from a post I did a number of months ago. I think that the white painting exercizes are helping me.