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Rose of Sharon

  6"x 6" Oil Raymar Canvas Panel   These Rose of Sharon grow on a small to medium sized tree in our yard.  They bloom all summer long and begin to fade when Fall approaches.  They love the heat and humidity.  I am incorporating some of the valuable lessons that I have been learning while painting with Gouache.

Still Life #6

Image size 5 1/2"x 7" Gouache Mixed Media Paper   This is the 6th still life painting in an ongoing series of gouache paintings.  I found this wonderful old depression glass bowl at one of my favorite thrift stores this past weekend.  I admire the color of the glass when the light filters through it.  It is truly lovely!!  I am beginning to get a nice feel for the medium and love to use it. My one day workshop is rapidly approaching...if you are interested and would like to join me please go here .

Peppers and Orange

This was my submission to the DPW weekly challenge.  This is a gouache painting done on acid free mixed media paper.  The size is approximately 5"x 7".

Still Life #5

6"x8" (ish) Gouache Mixed Media Paper   This was a challenging setup and I worked very hard to bring this baby around!

Still Life 4

Blogger is doing some very strange things this morning! Anyway, this is my latest small 6"x8" (ish) gouache painting done on archival mixed media paper. I used very strong color here and loved the results. Now...If I can transfer what I am learning from gouache into my oils! target="_top">

Still Life 2

Another little 5"x7"ishh painting done in gouache on acid free paper.  Loved painting this one.  There was something about the palette of colors that was very soothing to paint.

Still Life 1

I have been enjoying the new medium, for me, of gouache.  This is a 5"x7" painting on mixed media paper.  What is it about gouache that I like so much?  In some ways it is very similar to oil paints in that it can be very dense and opaque.  One of its features that I like so much is that it dries almost immediately and that makes it fun.  The colors are bright and clean.  I went shopping.  Can you tell?  I found vases, bowls, scarves, fabric flowers and a multitude of other wonderful props for my still life painting.  My big find was a huge blue striped table cloth for only $3.00 to use as a backdrop.  It is very soft blues and quite subtle.  Love it!!

Savannah Townhouse

I love these townhouses in downtown Savannah.  This one was particularly beautiful with its winding staircase and sculpture.

Portrait I

    With this portrait I tried to lay down a good Notan before I began to paint.  The photograph was so light that I had to change the mid tone values and contrast in a program on my computer.  It was difficult to find the shapes of value and color.  I am happy with the results , however.  In the future I will try to paint a little less.  I struggled to maintain control over the midtone values.  My art buddy Jo Mackenzie has established a pattern that she follows to get the tones perfect.  I am not a watercolorist and so I can use white paint to tint color.  I hope that with lots of practice I will be able to think with forethought a little bit more.

Gouach Still Life

This is a 5"x7" gouache painting done on mixed media paper.  This stuff is so much fun to paint with. Just can't seem to get enough of it!

Self Portrait 2

This is another self portrait with a light skin tone.  I received my gouache today so I am going to get busy with that for the rest of the day.  This was fun though!

Self Portrait

A self portrait on a 5"x7" Gessobord panel done with oils.  I want to give a heartfelt shout out to Taryn Day for her guidance (on her blog) as to how to paint the figure.  She suggest turning the painting and photo upside down and it really did make it possible to get a better likeness.  Quite remarkable actually.  Thank you!!!!

One Raspberry Truffle

One little raspberry truffle................................... 3"x4" Artist Trading Card.

Raspberry Truffles

OK so its Valentine candy that is on my mind...I have vowed not to eat it just to paint it or toss it out.  This little 5"x7" painting is painted with gouache paints.  I enjoyed this little painting.  Oh by the way, the dollar store had so many items that could be used for still life material...and inexpensive!