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Drawings of Perfume Bottle

I decided to work a little on drawing these past few days.  It takes a while to get the skills back.  I am going to pursue this further.  Can you guess which one was first, second, and last?

Lemon and Vanilla still life food art Linda Hunt

6X6 SOLD Frankly, I just liked the way that the light shined through the bottle of vanilla and the sliced lemons.  The glow of the bottle of vanilla was beautiful! 

Grapes and Pomegranite still life food art by Linda Hunt

6X6 With this still life I used the North Light Filter that I recently bought.  It gave an interesting light and I loved the pinks.

Rosey still life by Linda Hunt

6X6 SOLD I found this incredible perfume bottle at the thrift store over the weekend and fell head over heels.  It just called out for strong color!

Pink Cup and Lemon still life food art by Linda Hunt

6X6  SOLD I liked the combination of colors in this little still life painting.  I was working with a predominantly 3 value plan.

Lemons and Bell Jar still life food art by Linda Hunt

6X6 This color combination really works for me.  I incorporated value range not only from light to dark, but also,  in color temperature.  I am happy with this little painting. Half the battle is setting up the still takes me almost more time to set something up as it does to paint.  It is difficult to train myself to take it slow and do the preliminary drawing before I begin.  At some point maybe I won't need to include this step.

Last Chrysanthemum still life floral by Linda Hunt

This is one of the last chrysanthemum from my garden...I must say this was a very difficult flower to paint.  I scraped and repainted over 6 times.  But, like one of my favorite painters (Jo) I kept at it and looked for those neutrals to help define the form.  I am vindicated!

Pink Cup and Ball Jar still life kitchen art by Linda Hunt

6X6 Trying very hard to keep strokes clean and pure laying them down once and trying not to rework them.  There is something that I like about this painting...I need to analyze more fully.

Pomegranite and Plum still life fruit food art by Linda Hunt

6X6   In this painting I focused on simplicity.  Making each stroke count and intensifying the color was part of the strategy.  I am back to doing a preliminary drawing and finding the value patterns. Quite satisfied! $80.00 for sale on my Etsy site.

My Still life Stage

This is my new Still life Stage that I purchased recently.  I can not say enough praiseworthy about it.  It is well constructed and fairly lightweight.  It was designed by David and Carol Marine.  It can be purchased here.   It is being made and marketed by Connie Nobbe and expert craftsman Mr. Nobbe.
6X6 I was interested in capturing the beautiful luminous light that filtered through these red grapes.  I have been nursing a dog back to health and this is the first day in many that I have painted.  Needless to say things did not run smoothly!