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Private Garden in Charleston SC

14"X 11" Oil $275.00  Saturday we spent the day in Charleston attending the Spoletto Art Festival.  I have many photos to work from.  On the way out of the downtown area we walked past a home with a pretty little private inner garden.  I loved the light and the color of the building set against the green foliage.  Very Special Two days left to sign up for my Monthly Newsletter and a chance to win a free 6"X 6" oil painting of your choice from available paintings.    I have been working on this drawing for several days...its certainly not perfect, but I think that I captured something of the spirit of this pretty girl.  

Single Gloxinia

  8"X 8" Oil Stretched Canvas $135.00     I tried to capture the beautiful reds and deep purples of this single gloxinia bloom.  I will photograph again tomorrow as the sun is quite low tonight and I am not capturing the depth that I want.


  12"X 12' Oil Stretched Canvas $200.00   These are daylilies from my garden...they don't last long so it was a real challenge to capture the lovely light on the petals before they began to turn inward.  I used a simple palette here.  I have grown to love the violets that I get when I mix Cobalt Blue and Cad Red Medium.  Very subtle but very beautiful.


  12"X 12" Oil Stretched Canvas SOLD Joy is completing a task when it seem there is no way forward.  Joy is overcoming a state of mind that is detrimental to your progress. Purchase here: I found this quote by Rumi that I felt summed up my feelings about overcoming a small creative block.  "Listen.   Make a way for yourself inside yourself  Stop looking in the other way of looking. "

Red Poppy

I had great fun painting these gorgeous red poppies.  I too have a red viewfinder and found it helpful in establishing a value pattern.  Painting glass is a real LOVE of mine and I really am so fond of this little glass vase that I found for a dollar in a thrift store!  I stayed with a very limited palette here and find that to be a sure way of creating nice harmony. I encourage you to sign up for my Newsletter, which only comes out once a month, where I will advertise specials and giveaways.  If you sign up this month you will be placed in a drawing for one of my free small paintings.  The sign up for the newsletter in in the right hand column at the top!  Good Luck!! Also, please LIKE my fan page and be placed in a drawing for a free print of 'Two Green Apples' .  You can find the page to sign up on the right hand column...just click on LIKE! Here is the link to my fan page:

My Newsletter

Just an invitation to my readers to sign up for my monthly newsletter which will come out at the end of each month.  There will be special offers and announcements. Your name will be included in a drawing where I will draw one name to win a free small oil painting.  I plan on offering a painting each month until the campaign ends.  To sign up just enter your email address in the box in the right hand column under Newsletter.  Good Luck!

Bamboo Ink Drawings

    Today was a day where I just felt like drawing.  I bought these great bamboo pens and they are working with them.  They produce bold clear line and it is great fun to work with!    

Win a Free quality print of 'Two Green Apples'

All you have to do to win a free print of 'Two Green Apples' is to LIKE my Facebook fan page.  At the end of May on May 31st I will draw a name from those fans who have Liked my page and you could be the winner!  The print is a lovely colorful print that is 11 inches square on quality paper. Here is the link to my fan page:


 8X8" Oil on Board                                                                               NFS   This is a Mother's Day gift for my Mother in Law.

Creation of Sweet Honey

This is in answer to Day   in the 30 Day Marketing Ideas by Leslie Saeta.  The idea was to show the process in creating the painting.

Sweet Honey

  10"X 10" Oil $175.00   I have had this jar of honey for a while always intending one day to paint it.  I liked the way that it worked with the blues.


  8"X 8" Oil on Board $135.00   The glass is part of a set of 4 that I bought that came from the 1950' them!  The cups a melmac...who remembers that?  The Peony is not real but I fell in love with it at Pier One Import.  I felt on my game today and this fell together rather effortlessly.  That's the best way.  If you sign up for my Newsletter, that only comes out once a month, you can be entered to win a 6"X 6" painting at the end of the month.  I would appreciate it if you would LIKE my Facebook page.  Both signups are on the right hand column!


  6"X 6" Oil on Board $100.00 How can it be that 3 little lemon sections could give me such fits!  I was most attracted to the glowing red and orange in the shadows.  Shadows are so deceptive they seem to be quite dark but when you compare them to other values in a painting they are much lighter.  Generally speaking. Please sign up for my Newsletter and be entered into a drawing for a free painting at the end of the month. You can sign up for the Newletter on the top right column.   Also, I would really appreciate if you would LIKE my Facebook page .  Thank you!

Win A Painting!!

I am participating in the 30 Days Marketing Ideas hosted by Leslie Saeta.  This listing combines 2 of the days.  We are supposed to sign up 20 new people to our mailing list.  I will be occasionally sending out a Newsletter with promotions and a chance to win a new painting each month.  All you have to do to be included is to sign up to receive my mailings.  It Is That Simple!!!  To sign up for he Newsletter just give your email address in the sign up box located top right.  I will only send out a newsletter once a month.  Your name will be drawn from the list of those who sign up for the Newsletter...this is separate from the delivery of my new listings sent to your email. I would also like to invite you to LIKE my Facebook page!

Rose Collage

This collage was created for the Day 5 of the 30 days of Marketing Ideas put on  by Leslie Saeta. Website

Roses in Vaseline Vase

  8"X 8" Oil Canvas Panel $120.00 I have always liked this little 8"X8" oil painting done on a canvas panel.  I love to paint roses.  What I liked in particular about this painting was the simplicity of the forms.  The Vaseline Vase is my very most favorite vase.  Vaseline glass glows when placed under a black light and has the most incredible yellow green color when placed directly in the sunlight.  I bought this vase on Etsy at one of my favorite shops (Annykate).  This painting can be purchased here .

Portrait of a beautiful girl

This is  portrait that I have been working on....I need much more work to actually have it look more like the was a great learning exercise.