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In continuation with my egg series I painted an egg 'sunnyside up'. As a little girl I couldn't concieve of anyone eating them. I mean nearly raw...but they sure are pretty to look at! 6x8 inches oil Raymar canvas panel (archival)


I don't know the botanical name of these flowers and have always known them as pincushion flowers. They are really pretty and lyrical. The blooms extends from the base of the plant which grows close to the ground. They perch on the top of spindly stems which are tossed about by the wind. They are a lovely violet color. These plants are perennials. I love them because they begin blooming in early spring and continue throughout the summer if the dead blossoms are picked off. 6X8 inches oil Raymar canvas panel (Archival)


I am back in business after my computer was down with a virus! So good to be back. I found this gorgeous red striped fabric and snatched it right up. I have been looking for some kind of striped material. I am planning to do several egg paintings and this is the first in the series! 8X8 inches oil canvas panel (archival)


I have read somewhere that persimmons were used as a way of predicting how hard or mild the following winter would be. The farmer would slice the seed in half and the shape of the core of the seed would indicate what the winter would be like. 6X6 inches oil Raymar canvas panel (archival)


Life is unsure, always eat your dessert first. –Anon 6X6 inches oil Raymar canvas panel (archival)


6X8 inches oil Raymar canvas panel (archival) $50.00 plus shipping Purchase Here


I have developed quite a love for painting flowers that I grow. These are bush roses and this years Spring showing was spectacular. We had an unusually cold winter and so the trees, bushes, and bulbs were much more prolific. I just placed these roses in a simple glass jar to paint. 6X6 inches oil Raymar canvas panel (Archival) $60.00 Purchase Here


6X6 inches oil Raymar canvas panel (archival)


I am proud to say that I grew this sweet little sunflower! I have a number of varieties growing and prospering in this very humid hot weather. I hated to cut the little guy. 6x8 inches oil Raymar canvas panel (archival)


6x6 INCHES OIL Raymar Canvas Panel (archival)


A friend brought me photos of flowers she had taken on a recent trip abroad. There were so many exquisite ones and I plan on painting from many of them. The papery thin petals of this cactus flower caught my attention. I feel in love with the muted yellow and lively center of the flower. 6X6 inches oil Raymar canvas panel (archival)


I had to delve into my archives to produce a pinting because the one I worked so hard on today was a complete and utter failure! Love this gray green plate with the tomatoes. 6X8 inches oil Raymar Canvas Panel $60.00 plus shipping Purchase Here


It is pretty self explanatory!! 6X6 inches oil Raymar canvas panel


I have searched my garden books for the name of this purple flower and can't find what it is. If any one knows please let me know. I think it is an annual. It sort of looks like a gloxinia doesn't it? 6X6 inches oil canvas panel


Cherries are here!!! I remember my grandmother having huge bowls full of cherries when they were in season. They always bring me back in years to a Wyoming summer! 6X6 inches oil canvas panel


I made these poppy seed muffins at about 3:00am. Have you ever had a night where you couldn't sleep and cooking seemed a good way to spend the hours before dawn? 6X6 inches oil canvas panel


OK.....No you are not seeing double I did list this a number of days ago. I liked it and I wanted to post it again on DPO. Anyway, the painting I did for today was not one I liked very much. I never tire of watermelon. Love to paint them and love to eat them. 6X6 inches oil canvas panel $75.00 plus $10.00 shipping in U.S. email for international shipping. Buyer pays all customs fees. Purchase Here

Avocado on Silk

I always seem to have the same problem with avocados. I buy them with the intention of eating them...wait too long...and they are not good. Soooo with the 4 avacados I bought the other day at the grocery store I am slicing them and eating them right away!!! I like the contrast between the green of the avocado and the silk striped scarf. THIS PAINTING HAS BEEN INCLUDED IN THIS TREASURY ON ETSY! 6X6 iinches oil canvas panel $75.00 plus $10.00 shipping in the U.S. For international buyers please email for shipping rates. Customer pays all customs fees. Purchase Here

Calendula SOLD

Summer is definately here in the South. I have two large calendula plants on either side of the driveway to our home. As I was pulling into the driveway the sun was literally dancing from one bloom to the other! I love it when something speaks loudly enough that you have to answer back. 6X6 inches oil canvas panel

Big Red

I can not tell you how trying this painting was. I wiped out 4 times before I finally got a painting that I was pleased with. I am not sure what kind of flower this is but I think it is a big red tulip. The center was a beautiful gold color. 6X6 inches oil canvas panel $75.00 plus $10.00 shipping in the U.S. For international buyers please email for shipping rates. Customer pays all customs fees. Purchase Here

Single Slice

Ummmm first watermelon of the season! Very juicy and very sweet! 6A6 inch oil canvas panel $75.00

Daylilies IV

These are such pretty daylilies and I look forward to their arrival each year! I brought this one into the studio and I have a light set on it...I don't know if it will remain open for the length of time that the light remains on or if it will close. Should be an interesting observation. Actually just like clockwork the lily closed even under high light conditions. 6x6 inches oil canvas panel $60.00 plus shipping in US. Purchase here

Hydrangea Fresh Cut

This single hydrangea flower is one of the few that my plant produced this year. I painted them yesterday outside and was pretty miserable in the heat and humidity. I prefer painting in my studio where I have airconditioning and can control the lighting. I guess you just can't take the Wyoming out of the girl. (Prefer cooler drier climate)!!! 6x6 inches canvas panel oil

Hydrangea Fresh Pick

There weren't many hydrangea blooms this year and I think it was because I cut them back to late in the season. I almost hated cutting a couple. Yesterday was a gorgeous day and I decided it was high time that I tried a little plein air work. The day was pretty warm and very humid so I painted really FAST. I am leaving this painting as is because there was an immediacy that I liked.

Ginger Bears

This is the cutest little jar of bear shaped sugared ginger! I love ginger but especially when it is candied. I wasn't sure how I would tacle painting the jar full of ginger so I rendered them very abstract.