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I know that you are not supposed to resurrect a painting, but I was partial to elements of the painting and felt that it would be a good learning tool. I needed to establish a better Notan and create a strong structure. I went back in and really worked this painting. Deepening the darks was the fun part. Gosh it gook me a long time to learn how to avoid white and work with color. But, I am pleased with this painting now and feel that I learned a great deal.  For some reason I am not getting the best photo on this image. There is a lot of glare...I will need to try again.

Roses in Vase

This is an oil version of the Gouache painting that I did yesterday.  I used a very strange palette of colors and am not crazy about time I will be more thoughtful about it.  What works in Gouache may not ultimately work in oil.  I did however lay in those darks!  That was my main objective.


Another small Gouache painting of the roses that I brought home a couple of days ago.  This is for sale in my Etsy store.  This palette is the Zorn palette with the addition of a green...Viridian.  Love this palette of essentially 3 colors and black.  I made my own black for this palette.  Oh that's right, I changed the red from Alizarin Crimson to Opera (Gouache color W/N).  I made my black from the 3 colors mixed together.  That would be Opera, Ochre, and Ultramarine Blue. 

Roses and Apples

I have been missing my gouache!  This is a small 7"x 5" gouache painting on Arches cold press watercolor paper. I have been looking at the work of Tarbell and love all of the rich deep color that he uses.  I tend to gravitate toward high key paintings and in this painting the challenge was to really lay in the darks.  I used the Zorn palette with the addition of a green.  I love that palette because it is so versatile.  If you go to my Pinterest page you will find the palette in painting tips.

Salt Marsh South Carolina

I felt like painting a landscape today.  This is the salt marsh at Edisto right near where we pic nic every Thanksgiving Day.  It is a special tradition that we engage in year after year. 


I just completed this 12"x 9" oil painting of a still life.  I am pleased with the way that it turned out.  I worked quickly and tried very hard to not overwork the painting.  The break that I took from painting benefited me I believe.  Sometimes its important to step away and really evaluate where you want your work to go.  I have been looking at many artists over the past few weeks and feel enriched.  In this painting I was focused on the pink of the larger glass vase.  That pink really drew me in.


Back to still life painting again!  This painting has undergone a revision because I just felt it wasn't finished.  I just allowed myself to play a little and enjoy seeing what color would do when unleashed.  Sometimes I feel that I try to control the paint too much and in this painting I let it speak in its' own voice.  Very fun!

My passion

I love in particular and gemstones.  I took several years of jewelry making a while back and still love to work with silver.  Eventually I want to saw and construct out of brass and copper.  But, for now I play with my beautiful beads.  I am still painting...just filling the well.

Still Life with Clear Patterened Foil

This is another little abstract still life oil painting.  The clear patterned paper was a real challenge to get it to read right and still function as abstract.  I have gotten a lot of mileage out of the small still life that I purchased at Easter!

Still Life with Peach

I decided to paint a few small still life from life.  The vases were a find at one of the local thrift stores.  I fell for the shape of both of them.  My intention was to paint quickly and intuitively and bring this image close to pure abstraction.

Small Spring Bouquet

Small spring bouquet of flowers painted from life.  This is a gouache painting on Arches watercolor paper.  I did not do an initial drawing of the image, but rather, painted directly on the paper.  I like the immediacy of the painting.  It is very intuitive.

Sweet Baby

Completed!!   20"X 20", Oil...