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Salt Marsh

5X7 SOLD This was a thirty minute study of the salt marsh near Edisto South Carolina in the fall colors.  I kept it fresh and alive with color.

Near Edisto in Fall

6X8 $110 Available on my Etsy site Thanksgiving day it is our tradition to go to Edisto Beach with a picnic lunch before returning to a full Thanksgiving meal in the evening.  This year the day was glorious and all the the marsh lands were sporting their fall colors under the warmth of the sun.

Three Pears by Linda Hunt

6X6 Love the shape of this bowl with the curves of the pears. 

Perfume Bottle II by Linda Hunt

24X18 I painted my perfume bottle large this time after thinking and evaluating just how I wanted to approach it.  It has been a while since I have painted large and so the experience while exhilarating was also a little intimidating.  I like the results and will continue to pursue larger works.

Candle Light

6X6 $85 Available on my Etsy site   It is difficult to get the values in a deep dark range for me...but, I had a lot of fun with the candlelight.  I enjoyed working with the glass and reflections.  I could have pushed the darks much darker I think but I was working with a limited palette and couldn't quite get the colors I was wanting.

Iris and Grapes still life by Linda Hunt

10X8 Finding the proper balance of color and value is one of the biggest challenges I face in painting at this point in time.  What you see doesn't necessarily have to be put this painting I felt that a deeper color and value in the foreground helped to pop the color and light in the rest of the painting.

New Drawings still life by Linda Hunt

 New ink drawings.  The marbles were a serious challenge, but, I thoroughly enjoyed every hatch.  Both of these items were unique finds from Etsy and my favorite thrift shop.

Cat eye Marbles still life by Linda Hunt

6X6 SOLD Enlarging the point of view on these cat eye marbles enabled for  greater exploration of color and shape.  It was the gray areas of color that made the spheres appear as glass.  My intention was to bridge the gap between pure abstraction and representation.

Cat eye Marbles still life by Linda Hunt

6X4 SOLD Sometimes it is best to challenge oneself.   Stepping beyond the edge and reaching for the unknown.  

Drawing Perfume Bottle still life by Linda Hunt

My thoughts today on being Grateful: I am grateful that yesterday is over and that a brand new day has crested the tops of the trees.  Not all days are easy however valuable the lessons learned.  Sometimes I feel wind whipped as if a small storm has challenged the roots of my very existence; broken small limbs and toppled the lofty stance.  But, today I can take the memory of things past, combine them with things present, and begin anew.