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Yellowstone Naional Park

I am enjoying landscape painting so much.  It is partly because the Finetec waterolors that I use.  They are so incredibly beautiful....ssooooo beautiful.....each stroke is a stroke of LOVE.......

Yellow Jonquils, Glacier National Park Montana, White

The painting above and newly listed are painted with Finetec watercolors.  The paper used is a black watercolor paper and because the paint is shimmery there is a beautiful low shimmer to all of the paint.  It is lovely and I am wholly captivated by it.  The paint is a formation of mica which is ground to a very fine powder which is then mixed with pigment and the binder is gum arabic.  It is a very simple mixture and in its' simplicity is very elegant.  There is a limited palette of colors but enough to produce a wide avariance of colorful paintings.  Above in the title the title of each piece is listed in the decending order.  All paintings are for sale on my website.....
New work

Savannah Wildlife Preserve


This is a FineTec watercolor painting on black watercolor paper.  I am so obsessed with this paint because it lends itself to a painterly application.  You can find this painting at


Pink Peony

This is a big of a redo to tighten up the composition and rework the painting.  I love it now.  It is oil on canvas and can be found for sale at
This is a new paint to is a mica infused pigment watercolor paint.  Used on black watercolor paper allows that paint to shimmer againt the background.  It is a beautiful paint and I have just fallen head over heels for it.........
I have been busy working with my new mica color infused waterolours.  They are so much really doesn't show the shimmer over the internet....but they really shimmer and sparkle.
This is Buggy.....she is the sweetest little tiny dog....she had such a rough start in life and has a fabulous human to love and a human who loves her unconditionally......what more could anyone want from life....canine or human?  This is an 8"x 10" drawing in graphite.  #bigguylittlesworldsanctury......check it out!!!!!

#18 out of 30

New works in the works

New works in the works......I am striking out in search of finding my own artistic voice.  There will be many twists and turns as I figure out who my creative self is.  I am interested in innovation.......leave comments which will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you......


I revisited this painting and now I love it.....12"x12" on board.....oil
To those of you who follow my blog.....I apologize for lack of postings.  I have gone through back surgery and am just now getting beck into the studio.  There will be new work coming.

Shiny Brite

Approximate 12"x 12" on Bristol paper.....graphite and black chalk.