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Clementines and Cherries

I have to admit that I had never tasted a Clementine until I bought a box of them the other day at the grocery store. They are very sweet and delicious. I had a great deal of fun painting this little 6 inch by 6 inch oil painting. January 31, 2010

Perfume Bottles Neutral SOLD

I wanted to keep this painting in a more neutral color scheme. I worked on this painting for longer than I should have I think. I just couldn't get the values the way that I wanted them. Out of frustration I finally went in with touches of color and that seemed to brighten the painting. I don't hate it and decided to post it. This painting is 6 X 8 inches on Raymar canvas panel.

Pink Rose in Red

I couldn't believe the color of this vase it was just such a beautiful red. I found it at one of the thrift shops that I visited last weekend. The rose was perfect in the vase. This painting is 8 inches square on canvas panel.

Pears and Green Vase

It must be a memory from my childhood because when I saw this pretty little green vase my heart was happy. I find setting up a still life to be a great challenge. If every aspect of the still life is not working then the painting will not come out well. I love the reflection of pure green that cascades over the pears. This painting is 8X8 inches on canvas panel.

Oranges in Glass Bowl

In this painting I wanted to tackle reflection as well as transparency. I found that it was more difficult than I imagined to get a good believable reflection. It took many wipe outs before I achieved what I wanted. I have so many oranges. They were given to my husband and they do make good subjects to paint. This painting is 8X8 inches on canvas panel. It you are interested in reserving or purchasing this painting or any of my other paintings please email through Etsy. SOLD

Oranges in Milk Glass Bowl SOLD

I admit that I have many challenges and compositon is the one that I am working on right now. Every inch of the canvas counts when working in a smaller space. In this compostion I wanted to use my fabulous milk glass bowl. I collect milk glass items and this bowl is exceptionally beautiful with the scalloped rim. The oranges added just the right dose of drama.

Oranges on Red Foil Box

In this 8 inch by 8 inch painting my concentation was on pattern and color. I have this really pretty little heart box covered in red metallic paper. The reflections on and surrounding the box are very interesting and add to the complexity of the composition. I really enjoy the tropical feeling here in the South and find that it is creeping into my paintings. SOLD


My beautiful 13 and 1/2 year old Golden Retriever died today. I shall miss him so much. He was a great companion and we had many wonderful adventures together. I found this marvelous black perfume bottle tucked away on a shelf in one of my favorite thrift shops. There were many bottles but this one was beautifully shaped and eloquent. I tried to maintain a deeper and more grayed background. I wanted the bottle to command a quiet and dignified center of attention. The background color was just working in this painting so I took the liberty of reworking the value structure.

Umbrella and Vase of Flowers

I used an underpainting in this composition to create warmth. A large part of a painting is the compostion or design. I am concentrating much effort in setting up the still life. It is difficult to find the correct balance of objects and color. I chose to soften edges and leave areas of the painting abstract. My intention is to lead the eye throughout the painting and create a visual dialogue of movement. This oil painting is 16 by 20 inches on stretched canvas. If interested in purchasing any of my paintings please email. Paintings may be purchased through my Etsy shop.