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Well, this is a total experiment. Have you ever just been tired of what you were doing and needed a change? I have been feeling this way for several weeks. I bought some acrylic paints just to experiment with a different medium. I found that because the paint dried very rapidly I could experiment with the color a little more! It is fun!! I still have a great love for oil....but I think this will enable me to learn something new. 6X6 inches acrylic canvas panel (archival) $35.00 plus $8.00 shipping in USA. Puchase Here


This is one of my older paintings but one that I like very much. I don't paint on Sundays and needed a painting so I brought this one out. Do you know that I just discovered Clementines this year....oh my gosh....they are so good! These little gems are sweet and juicy and plain delicious. 6X6 inches oil canvas panel (archival) $75.00 plus $8.00 shipping in the USA. Purchase Here


The gerbera daisies that I bought are still fresh and beautiful...hopefully I can get a few more paintings from them. The pitcher was difficult to paint. The position of the handle had to be painted again and again until it looked believable. I have been working directly laying in the paint without an underpainting. The transparent pitcher made defining the handle even more difficult. I worked the background darker and darker until the flowers and pitcher began to take form. I probably worked it a little too much. I prefer to keep the colors very clean. All in all I was satisfied when I decided it was done. 6X6 inches oil canvas panel (archival)


This is one corner of my studio. I loved the way that the Gerbera Daisies looked on the table in front of my daybed. 6X6 inches oil canvas panel (archival)


My granddaughter took this picture of herself. The face full of expectation and happiness had to be painted. I learned a lot from this painting. I felt more comfortable than on yesterday's portrait. There is a ton to learn about painting a face and I have only just begun. I remember being her age and full of wonder. Don't you remember? I will rephotograph tomorrow because I keep getting a nasty glare. 6X8 inches oil Raymar canvas panel


I am not very experienced doing portraiture but I thought that I'd give it a try. This is my grandson...he is very happy about something!! He has a blue tongue so I am sure he ate a lollipop or maybe a blue snowcone. I need more work on flesh color and finding the browns that I want. But, all in all I was happy with how it turned out. 6X8 inches oil Raymar canvas panel NFS


These little pink zinnias are from my garden. The gardens took quite a hit this summer with HOT HOT temperatures and very little water. So, these are some of the surviving flowers. In this painting I wanted to work with the paint almost as one would work with a palette knife. It is brushwork, but I used a lot of paint. I liked the effect. 6X8 inches oil Raymar canvas panel (Archival)


This is a stalk off of one of my Ginger plants. They have a very beautiful subtle scent that is quite distinctive. It is an exotic looking plant which likes the hot and humid weather of the South. On a sultry evening the smell of the blossoms permeate the is very beautiful. 6X8 inches oil Raymar canvas panel


At the local parade last summer beach balls were being thrown to the many children lining the streets. I caught a snapshot of this mother and little girl just when mom caught the ball. The figure has always interested me and while I usually work large scale with figures; I pulled out this small canvas for this painting. I enjoyed the challenge of the confined space. 6X8 inches oil



Unfortunately I do not have access to many fresh flowers. This rose is the most exquisite artificial rose that even feels like a real rose. It is sheer like a real rose would be. I remember from childhood living in a home where there were wonderful old fashioned roses like this one with the most heavenly scent. I find flowers to be very challenging....therefore I intend to do 100 of them to see where that exploration will take me. 6X6 inches oil canvas panel (archival)


This little shack was part of a greenhouse and novelty gift complex. The name was Butter Beans. Unfortunatley it is no long in business but holds sentimental value to me. It is located in the heart of Port Royal which is a small community right on the waterway. I used to love the fresh flowers that Butter Beans carried and would bring them home to paint. When I drove past the other day I had to stop and snap a photo. I have always wanted to paint this sweet building and its surrounds. 5X7 inches oil canvas panel (archival)


This is an older image but one that I like. 6X6 inches oil canvas panel (archival)


I am still enjoying the small treasures that I found last week. I have been having a few fallow days lately...does anyone else experience this? 5X7 inches oil Raymar canvas panel (Archival)


I had an professor that told us if we didn't know what to draw to draw circles and squares. Hence, I decided that I would paint a ball, square, and cylindar. It was really a great exercise and I enjoyed it very much. Working with the color was a blast! 6X6 inches oil canvas panel (archival)


I found these very tiny salt shakers in a thrift shop yesterday. The shapes were so interesting and they were so sweet that I had to buy them both. The checkered cloth proved to be a tremendous challenge. 6X6 inches oil Raymar canvas panel


These little Clementines have a beautiful red orange color and a nice globe like shape. They are very appealing to paint. I peeled this fruit to expose the lush interior and the exposed creamy peel. 6X6 inches oil


I couldn't resist painting this luscious looking chocolate covered donut. It is tempting but, too many points! Oh well! 6X6 inches oil canvas panel $75.00 plus $8.00 shipping in US.