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Eggplant and Glass Vase

It has been a couple of days since I painted and I felt very rusty but I pulled together a little painting. It is Memorial Weekend and it has been a quiet relaxing time. Wishing you all a happy Memorial Day!!
I will be posting tomorow. Down with a root canal...


I bought these lilies yesterday discounted and wanted to get a couple of paintings before they die. This little (12x12) still life gave me fits today and I did what I could do and must leave it alone. I know it's not perfect, but gosh, I learned a lot from working on it. It got a little gray and pasty I think but it's not all bad.

Still life with Bubble Gum Machine

This is a relist of one of my paintings from last year. Rain Rain Rain and big black sky and no sun to photograph. Oh well maybe in about 2 or 3 days or when we have a break in the weather.

Sugar Snap Peas

One of those days when I wasn't sure what I wanted to paint. I bought these sugar snap peas yesterday and they are very tasty. I tried to lay down a stroke and leave it and build the painting stroke by stroke. I gave myself a time limit and I finished exactly within the perameters of the time alloted. Fun!! The color scheme is a little wierd I think but I liked it. 6x8 inches oil Raymar canvas panel

Pincushion flowers

These are pincushion flowers (that is the name I know them by) and they are perennials.

Pin Cushion Flower SOLD

My pincusion flowers are very pretty this year. I had a variety of colored ones several years ago that I grew from seed. My husband was trying to be helpful and fight the weeds. He used weed killer all over my garden and yep all of my flowers died. That was a couple of years ago. This lavendar color is the only one I can find at the garden center. They do come in white, light pink, and a darker burgandy color. 6x6 inches oil canvas panel

Blanket Flower From My Garden

Here is another larger painting; this painting is 20X24 inches on stretched canavas. My garden this year is so pretty. I put in these Blanket flowers this season and they are growing profusely. My intention was to sit right on the line between abstraction and realsm. I have been enjoying the larger format and wide exspanse of brush work.

Tomato on Green

The vine tomatoes are still hanging in there. I sliced one for this painting. I used a straight complimentary color scheme in this painting. I feel it may need a little something else and will evaluate before I do anything. It is amazing how the smallest imperfection shows up on the computer screen. Hope all of you Mom's had a great Mother's Day! 6x6 inches oil canvas panel

Tulips in Cut Glass Vase SOLD

A much larger painting. I enjoyed being able to stretch out with big brushes on this image. 20 X 16 INCHES OIL

Vine Tomatoes

It came to my attention that these vine tomatoes were on their way out and that if I wanted to paint them today had to be the day. Have you ever had great expectations about painting something only to decide that something else is more interesting. I bought these tomatoes thinking that I'd rush home and paint them and then time went by and by and by.

Jade Plant

There has been a steady very gentle rain all day today and of course I felt like going to the garden center. Wet or not I looked at all the plants. It was really nice because I was nearly the only one there. I bought several red begonias and then spied this really pretty little jade plant. I placed it in this green glass vase that I have and liked the variety of greens. It was difficult for me to paint though. So many leaves and very little value change between them. I may try again but I wanted to list since I have been struggling with a hurt hand and haven't done so in several days.