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Red Vase

This little 6x9 inch painting is gettting closer to where I want to be.  Very gestural and rapid fire quick!

Out My Kitchen Window

This little 6x9 inch gouache painting on hot press watercolor paper was painted without doing a preliminary drawing.  I want to experiment with this approach and see what happens.  I didn't mean for the vase to end up in the center of the composition and can't decide if it should be cropped.  I hate cropping as I feel that a composition should be composed and not altered.  Any thoughts?

Salt Marsh in Autumn Colors

Gouache is a medium that I have grown very fond of....I love the clarity and purity of color. This small 5x7 inch painting is done on hot press watercolor paper. Edisto Beach is where we go every Thanksgiving. This is one of the many salt marshes that line the drive to the beach. You can see the fall colors of the grasses in the marsh.


A quick little painting that is 5x7 inches on hot press watercolor paper.  Had fun with this warm up before getting down to painting.

Salt Marsh of South Carolina

This is a photograph that my husband took while kayaking in one of the salt marshes surrounding our home.  What fun it was to paint.  It is small....only 5"x 7" on hot press watercolor paper.

Fruit Bowl

Another small 5"x 7" gouache painting. 

Peach I, Peach II

Two small gouache paintings done on hot press watercolor paper. 


Clarity.....trying for clarity in my painting.

White Fringe Peony

This White Fringe Peony is painted on a 6:x 8" Pintura panel. There is that fine line between staying loose and trying so hard that you lose the life in the flower. I had to work extremely hard. The photo was a bit flat which was something that I didn't initially see.


This is a 6"x 6" study of a rose.  I learned a lot from looking at works of others that I admire.  One of the things that was important was laying in broad shapes of under color.  I then built the petals from that foundation.  It is a bit overwhelming when you look at a rose and try and decided where to begin!

Big Droopy Peony

I revisited this image and had fun with fewer strokes and more measured and thoughtful procedure.

So Savannah!

This is a painting that depicts the downtown townhouse in Savannah that I have painted a number of times.  I never tire of painting it.  With this painting I began with my light values and them laid in my darker values and lastly added my medium values.  I liked the flow and will try this approach with my other paintings. 

On the way to Edisto

In this painting I was striving to capture the Spanish moss which hangs from the trees here in South Carolina.  It proved trickier than I thought it was going to be.  Because of the value changes in the moss as it hangs almost glittering in the sunlight I had to use a variety of color shifts to get the moss to read correctly.  This painting is 6"x 8" on a Raymar panel and will be for sale in my Etsy shop when dry.

South Carolina Salt Marsh

This is it!   I have worked myself crazy with this painting.  I learned so much from looking at other landscape paintings this past weekend at the Spoletta outdoor art fair.  Tell me what you think?