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Beautiful You

  Oil Oil on Paper What I look for in a figure or portrait photo to work from is good lighting with plenty of shadow and high contrast lighting.  If you have a favorite photo that you would like me to try painting it please email it to me.

Vaseline Vase and Roses

  8"X 10" Oil Canvas panel   Still working with the roses and I felt that my color selection was better.  I prefer working larger because I have more room to think about shapes and colors.

Roses in Vaseline Vase

  6" X 8" Oil Canvas Board   $115.00 I am going back to the basics for a while...concentrating my efforts on establishing strong patterns of color and value.  I liked this quote that I found the other day:  "Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better."  Andre Gide

Fresh Papaya SOLD

  8" X 8" Oil   I recently bought new brushes and I think I like them better than what I have been using.  I am a little surprised.  For over 20 years I have used synthetic bristle brushes, but this time I bought natural hog hair bristle brushes.  They lay now less paint and work the paint into the canvas more.  I like it.

When We Were Young

It Feels Like Spring

  20"X20" Oil Stretched Canvas   $800.00 I enjoyed this painting.  It is larger than any I have worked on recently.  It is much more challenging for me to work large because I use more paint and there is so much more surface to paint.  I love the freedom of big strokes though.

Peach Rose Bud

  4"X6" Oil Canvas Board A beautiful peachy colored rose that I placed in my tiny brass vase.  Love the reflections in the vase.


A day to sit and sketch. 
10"X8" Oil on Board $145.00 These yellow iris were blooming down by the pond.  They are such a pretty cool yellow color but they didn't last very long.  I had to really work this painting after nearly losing it about 4 times.  At some point the painting dictates what is left in or left out.  I tried very hard to keep the color notes that I initially laid down.

Two Green Apples

  10"X10" Oil $145.00 This little green vase was a recent purchase from a flea market that we went to.  I just felt like color.  I added a few colors to my palette.  As you know I have been working with very limited palettes.  I added my favorite fuchsia to the mix of colors.  My focus in this painting was to create as much depth as possible with the flowers.  I premixed my black rather than using Ivory Black.  I use a mixture of Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson, and Cad Yellow Med.  You get a nice black and great harmony in the painting.

Audrey's Toe Shoes

  10"X8" Oil on Linen $175.00   I pushed and pulled the values and color in this painting.  The toe shoes proved to be a formidable challenge.  It is important for me to push through the desire to finish a painting and patiently wait until it begins to take on a life of its own.  I once had a professor who said that you know when a painting is done when it  breaths on its own.

A Sweet Little Angel

  8"X8" Oil on Board NFS   I have been wanting to paint this child for several years and finally took the leap.  He is with his Heavenly Father now...

A Very Big World

    8"X8"   Oil on Board $115     I love the stance of this little girl with her foot turned pigeon toed.  She was standing in the middle of a very big room and was just content to observe all that was going on around her.  I used a Zorn palette in this painting.  It felt a little limiting but I was able to get some of the color I was looking for.  I think that this palette works very well for portraiture.  I am ready to return to a palette with a fuller range of colors.

Lil' Guy

  10"X8" Oil   NFS I took a photo of this little fellow quite a while ago.  I had so much fun painting him.  I used the Zorn palette.  I will need to photograph again in the morning because the light was fading when I shot this.  I have been wanting to do more figure work.  I loved the stance that he took...he was new at walking!  Cuteness!!

Red Gloxinia

  8"X8" Oil on Linen   $135.00   I love Gloxinia don't you?  They speak to me of Spring, rainy days giving way to sunshine.  In this little painting I used a limited palette of a new combination.  (Cad Red Med, Viridian Green, Cobalt Blue, Naples Yellow, Magenta, White, Smidge of black)  I love the greens that are created using Naples Yellow and Cobalt Blue.  For a brighter green add just a smidge of Cad Yellow Light. I am finding that I have to really concentrate to keep things fresh and light. My energy level must be up or I have a tendency to work things too hard.  It is important to keep a light touch.  I love the feel of the paint under the brush when you just gently brush the paint on.