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Gala Apple

I love these apples they are so sweet and very beautiful to look at. I am trying something a little different in these next few paintings. I am allowing the brush strokes to show a little more and using more direct mixing of colors on the canvas. I like the freshness of this approach.

Africn Violet

thought that this pretty metallic bath salt container would make a nice painting. It was tough getting the reflections right.
I struggle daily with staying loose while painting. This apple really had a lopsided stance, but it stood so I painted it.

Purple Plums on Green Plate


Red Plums

Butter SOLD

I have been thinking about painting butter for some time. It was a real challenge let me tell you. I finally froze it to keep it from turning into a puddle which saved the day. It was a fun painting and there is really so much colour in a stick of butter. SOLD


I felt that I could do better on the cherrie painting and am pleased with the latest results. It proves to me, once again, that by small steps greater things are accomplished. I painted this painting in two sittings utilizing the second setting to correct any misinformation and finalize the painting. There is that tendency for me to want to rush to the end of the painting when just a little more thought and time would produce better results. I would say that that is the only real draw back of daily painting.
I have been thinking about colour and how much work I have to do. Sometimes painting can be discouraging when you realize how little you really know. This is the challenge.