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Copper Dish and Peppermints

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I had just enough time today to post this painting. Peppermints may be found in the stores all year 'round, but, to me they represent Christmas. The copper dish with the bakelite piece I found in a great antique store in Cheyenne Wyoming. Oh how I miss the antique markets in the west. The red dish I found in South Carolina in a thrift store. They are such a vibrant red and have great shapes.

Cactus Pears

These cactus pears looked great in the grocery store and their color prompted the purchase. Now that I have them I have no idea what to do with them. If anyone knows how to eat them will you let me know?

Peppermint Candy SOLD

I had no idea what I wanted to paint. Yesterday was shopping day and when I saw the grocery store loaded with bags upon bags of beautiful looking candy and I knew I had found my subject. This painting is 4 inches by 4 inches on stretched canvas. SOLD

Grapefruit and Asparagus on Red Plate

Oh my gosh! I don't even want to talk about what a time I had painting asparagus. With the third try and using only 4 stalks rather than the whole bundle I achieved something. It may not look exactly like asparagus, but, it is. I added the grapefruit for a little contrast. I am not sure I'll ever try asparagus again! SOLD

Still Life with Bubble Gum Machine

It has been some time since I have painted any larger than 11 by 14, but, this painting is 24 X 36. I had a great time painting this painting.The mums are the last ones from my garden, and yes, I have a pink bubble gum machine that sits in my studio with gum balls. It seemed too tedious for me to paint the gum balls. I like it without them. It kind of reminds me of a crystal ball. I didn't intend it, but, I like it anyway.

Black Patent Leather Shoes

My 5 year old trusty camera died yesterday and it has been a real experience trying to find one that takes great photos. I finally found the perfect camera. What a loss when your camera dies a sudden death. These shoes were a gift from my sister. She gives me a pair of unique shoes for my birthday each year. I love these patent leather shoes! I placed them on a swatch of black floral fabric. I am not sure of the color scheme, but, I just couldn't work any more on this painting. SOLD

Still Life I

I wanted to paint this larger but, I have been working small for an extended period of time and the large canvas intimidated me. This small painting is 5 X 7 inches. SOLD

Red Delicious Apples SOLD

Ruby Red Grapefruit in Pottery Bowl

Drawing XVI