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Plums still life fruit by Linda Hunt

8X8"   Last Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market where I bought these blue-black plums.  I intended to eat them after painting but I think I waited too long.  Once again I used a preliminary drawing to establish my composition and value structure.  I think that my paintings are much more solid than in the past.  Glorious day today...couldn't be and sunny...although I worked with a light source in the studio I allowed some of sunlight to penetrate the room which accounted for a beautiful bluish tint to everything. To purchase go to Etsy.  $110.00 plus shipping

Roses in Vaeline Vases still life floral by Linda Hunt

8X8" Here is another painting that I reworked.  Sometimes I have a tendency to become too complicated and that muddies the image for me.  In this one I simplified and squinted and really assessed before painting each stroke.
Today I spent my time reworking several paintings that I was jot happy with.  I like them much better now....I may not be done!

Sunflowers in Blue Jar still life by Linda Hunt

7X5 I bought this blue Ball jar on the color.  Sunflowers are wonderful happy flowers and made my day a little more special.  I hope that it does the same for you!!

Lightbulb challenge still life by Linda Hunt

4X6"   SOLD    Last weeks challenge on DPW was to paint a light bulb and this was my entry.  I just let myself enjoy the colors and shapes.  I have to admit that painting a light bulb is much more difficult than it would seem logical.  I bought this gorgeous orange cloth yesterday and had to use it for a backdrop.  I  enjoy using intense color.

Southern Peach still life abstract by Linda Hunt

10X10" The surface that I am painting on is a very smooth linen panel, and it feels very different.  The paint has a mind of its own soI really had to work at keeping control.  Once again I did a preliminary drawing and focused on light, medium and dark value areas.  I felt successful in this area.
8X8" I have been creating a preliminary drawing for each painting before I begin to paint.  It allows me to breathe a little, to evaluate, and then to carefully map out a composition and a value struture before I begin with paint.