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Still Life # VII

This is a 9"x 12" Gouache painting on hot press watercolor paper.  This particular painting took quite a while to bring around.  I wanted to keep the colors fresh and lively.

New Drawings

'Woman' 12 1/2"x 10" pencil on Bristol paper   'Soft Pink Rose' 6"x 6" pencil on Bristol paper Mid-Century Salt and Pepper Shakers 6"x 6" pencil on Bristol paper 'Hyacinth' 9"x 6" pencil on Bristol paper   New drawings.......

Soft Pink Rose

This is a small approximately 6"x 6"drawing on Bristol paper.  I am planning on returning to drawing for a while until I feel that I have worked through some of the value issues.

Strawberries in Glass Bowl

This small gouache painting is painted on a 140# acid free watercolor paper.  I like the graphic quality of this small painting.

Red Rose

Working on gesture wipeout several times until I just gave into letting it happen with thought...if that makes any sense.


This little 6"x 6" painting is painted on a small stretched cotton canvas.  After all my work in gouache I see a definite change in my work. ( Brighter color and less mud)  It has been a good thing for me to change things up a bit and infuse my work with some new energy.

Pink Abstract

I have been wanting to push myself just a little bit further in the direction of abstraction in my still life paintings.  I decided that a small 5"x 7" gouache on acid free paper would be the way to begin.  What did I do?  First, I decided (after many hours of setting up a still life) that my focus would be the fruit in the front of the painting and that everything else would be subordinate.  I then decided on a palette.  I wanted to create an expressive color scheme that came intuitively.  I chose the pink background.  Rather than laying out a carefully constructed drawing I worked directly on the paper using paint and tackled shape after shape after shape.  I felt that creating a drawing first would feel too much like paint by number or just coloring in the shapes.  I like the loose rendition of the drawing and tried to leave my choices clean and unadjusted.  There were some areas when I had to go back in a little bit.  I am so pleased with the results.  I will try a few


I really think that painting with gouache has taught me something about oils.  This little 7"x 5" oil painting is done an a Raymar canvas board.  What did I learn?  Slow down...use a variety of brushes....follow the contour with the with value....simplify and keep important detail....there are probably more, but these were a few of the things I was aware of while painting.

Savannah Townhouse

  This 7"x 5" oil painting is painted on a Raymar canvas panel.  The image was one that my husband shot for me in downtown Savannah last summer.  I loved the dappled sidewalk and the large oak trees that draped across the sidewalks.