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After a much needed break I am back in the studio and painting. My Asters are just beginning to slow down their peek blooming season and there are a few of them left. They are a lovely lavender color with white feathery tips that blow in the breeze. I have noticed an abundance of bees this year buzzing among them. Included in this painting are a small aqua glass vase and a few of my cobalt blue bottles. I included sliced oranges to compliment the blues in the painting. I did a preliminary drawing or quick sketch to determine the layout before I began painting. 10X10 inches Oil Stretched Linen PURCHASE HERE


I appologize for the slight amount of glare on the photo. I am trying to find a position to photograph my paintings and the sun is shifting making the place that I normally photograph unacceptable. I will try and rephotograph. These begonias are ready to be planted by I love the look of them in the little black plastic growing containter. The orange slices were added to capture the luscious rays of the sun as they passed through the transluscent flesh. Whil in Connecticut I found the nicest 1940's tablecoth with a cute vibrant design and this is what is placed under the still life. You can actually only see the few blue sqares of blue design in the upper right hand corner of the painting. It is as much about what you leave out as what you leave in a painting. 8X8 inches Oil Canvas Panel

Classic Preparation

This is the kind of preparation that is common in my kitchen. I loved this polka dot fabric the moment I saw it and thought that it would make a perfect backdrop for my stuff! My blender is my trusty sidekick. I love making smoothies with lots of ice; they are almost ice cones when I am finished. The great little rolling pin I found in my favorite thrift store here in Beaufort. The handles are what attracted me to it. I'm not sure what I am mixing up here, but, the eggs seemed appropriate. 12X12 inches Oil Canvas Panel

Orange Ribbon

8X8 inches Oil Canvas Pannel

Little Ranunculus

The sun was playing hide and seek with me all day and to dispel the moody blues that I was experiencing I took brush in hand and painted this lovely bowl of pink Rananunculus. My garden bloomed with these beauties in an abundant variety of colors this Spring. It was so joyful and I loved watching them open to a seemingly unending opening of luscious layers. 6X6 inches Oil Raymar Canvas Panel PURCHASE HERE
I am back and suffering a little jet lag...but today I am in the studio...have missed you all!! Great to be home though after riding the skies!

So Many Stars

These gorgeous petunias are flourishing in my garden...The teapot is one that I fell in love with and purchased after many months of debate...So many stars in the sky and one fell to earth and became part of my painting.

Day 47