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Mentorship Program.....daily drawing.....1

I am beginning an online Mentorship Program with artist Sarah Sedwick each day you will be able to see my progress.  One of the assignments is to produce a drawing a day....I am very excited about this as my drawing skills are lacking and I am looking forward to honing in on them.  Did I say excited?  Oh!  I did!....and....I am!!!


I was trying to capture the shades and I think I got it is difficult for me to see...and then the painting just began to wander with me following behind....I am not unhappy really....just a bit perplexed.....

Spring Bouquet

I think that some point you just have to let the painting that you feel inside come out...Oh I wish that I painted more like some others that I see on FB....but this is me....for better or for worse.

Purple Pink Peonies

This is a re-do of sorts.   I have been looking at the work of Ray Roberts and others on Facebook and am learning more about the direction that I wish to go with my work....this is a result of that looking and analyzing.  I am extremely happy with the results......

South Carolina Salt Marsh

I am very dissatisfied with my landscapes and need to explore just what is going on with them.  I think that I may need to actually do some plein air work to understand......anyway I am letting this one rest......

Orchid III

I am enthralled with this ink on Yopo paper....I plan on doing relaxing and rehabilitating....I had a total wipe out with one of my paintings so I decided that I needed to fill the well..... May you always do what you are afraid to do...unknown......I saw this on a blog...isn't that an incredible thought?


As much as I love color....I adore black and white.  I worked on this orchid today with Chinese ink and Yopo paper.  No preliminary sketches only ink to paper.  Every mark can only be added to never taken away....tricky.  I am enjoying drawing is meditative and relaxing for me.  This drawing can be found here .

Ruby Red Vase and Stems

My favorite vase is a Ruby Red from the 1940's.  There was an entire set of dishes made with this lovely color.  As a child I would hold the plate to the sun and catch the light coming through, it was glorious.  I backlit this so that I could capture the radiance of the color.  This painting is scraped down quite a bit and I loved the results so I left them! 

Ginger Lily and Purple Plums

Two new oil paintings...on a roll now!  Spent time with a friend from many years renewed my soul...gave birth to these last night!!!  Sometimes we need to reconnect with our whole lives to find our lives.....

Fort Fremont

Construction of coastal batteries was authorized by Congress under the $50 million Harbor Fortification Defense Act of 1898. Fort Fremont was built by the Corps of Engineers on condemned private property with construction starting in 1899. Former owners of portions of the condemned land were Ellen A. Crofut, F.A. Dran, Jacob Meyers, Jack Freeman, July Fripp, Andrew Jenkins and Ellen Williams. The Corps of Engineers hired labor from the Beaufort area to build the military complex. In 1900, Fort Fremont was turned over to the Coast Artillery. The National Register of Historic Places documentation states that "Fort Fremont is one of only two extant Spanish-American War fortifications which retain their character from that period." This information was taken from Wikipedia. This painting is 11"x 14" on stretched canvas.  I love the serenity of this Southern landscape.  It is such a peaceful place to spend time.  It can be found here .