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Woman I

This is a painting in progress. I wanted to keep it fresh and so there won't be a lot of changes.

Day at the Beach

This woman looked as though she was really enjoying the sun on this bright summer day. 6X6 Oil Raymar Canvas Panel

Bright Sunflower

Today is overcast and we are receiving much needed rain. My flowers are arching their little necks skyward to drink in the warm is beautiful!



I had fun with this painting. The experimental beginning included ink drawings to find the composition that was most interesting, and then working the design to establish a light dark pattern. After all of these details were worked out I then began to paint. It was a lot of fun and I felt that I acheived a better palette and a more cohesive composition.

Contour Drawings 1 & 2

Getting ready to start some new work. I did these quick contour studies last night to try out using a marker on tracing paper. I liked it a lot! Painting tonight! Yay!

Just Hangin' Out

I bought a set of these great mid century glasses in a variety of different colors. Each glass has a floral graphic design on it. The silk Iris was one that I had in my stash of still life material. These apples really are as big as they look. I wanted to work with transparency and color. I feel that I acheived my goals in this painting. When I was done there was just a nice harmony between the colors and shapes. 10"X10" Oil Stretched Linen


I am using a simple red, blue, and yellow theme in this painting. Fell head over heels for this red flower. PURCHASE HERE



Sunflower II

Mums in Glass Vase

I set this still life up in my studio with controlled lighting. It is an interesting subject, the still life, and I have been studying and looking at many works of art. Grouping and balance seem to be a key ingredient of a good still life. Is it the lighting, the color, or the narrative that makes one stand out? I have looked at many where the objects themselves do not necessarily inspire me, but the way that the artist brings a bit of himself or herself to the painting. PURCHASE HERE My backyard on a very warm and sultry early morning in June.