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I am going through many of my old photos and painting ones that I wanted to paint but never got around to.  I have always loved these chrysanthemums....they are dancing!  Backgrounds are still a struggle for me...I think that I should just spend time setting up still life setups over and over again until I become better at it.

Pink Roses in Vase

These roses were fun to paint.  I tried to stick with a very limited palette but had to add a warm yellow, warm blue, and magenta color to get what I was looking for.  Wish I was able to have stuck with just the 3 colors and white.  guess I need a little more work at color mixing.

Interior I

I am considering whether I want to paint anymore on this painting.  I like it as it is .... kind of unfinished and fresh.


I am diving into photos that I have taken in years past.  Since the Spring flowers are blooming and the warmer weather is in the air I painted a glass full of pink tulips.  This painting is 10"x 10" on canvas panel.   It is an oil painting and needs to dry before it can be listed for sale.  This is my tribute to a beautiful sunny day!!!!

Thinking Spring

I used to grow these beautiful pincushion flowers and they come out each Spring.  I am relying on some older photos that I shot a few years ago.  Having a great deal of fun with these paintings.  This painting is 8"x 6" on gessobord and it is an oil.

Red Bird

This is an 24"x18" oil on stretched canvas.  I had fun with this painting and am amazed how much like my gouache paintings it is.  I have painted this image before and if I can locate the jpg I will display it here for a comparison. This painting was done several years ago and is sold...To me while I still like it very much it is too still and I feel that I have learned a great deal more about color.


I revisited this painting after seeing many areas where color could be bumped up a bit and made to improve the overall painting.  I am happy with this painting now. 

New Book

OK....I can't get this photo right side up...darn it.  I read this book today and found it quite informative.  Lori Putnam had suggested it in one of her posts.  I am finding that there are areas (lots of them) where I need improvement and so that is my quest.  I am going to re-read Jo MacKenzie's book to learn a little more about Notan (she is the expert).  Hopefully I will start a painting tomorrow and begin to incorporate some of the great things that I am learning.  Oh, the book above was first published in is an old book and has timeless information.  Quick book to read with lots of black and white illustrations.  Now I get why it is so important to look at the black and white illustrations of paintings.  Wealth of knowledge in those. 

Green Bananas and Eggplant

Push push pushing....this painting is a 20"x16" oil painting on stretched cotton canvas.  I am happy with the painting the way it is but am reserving the right to work more on it if it requires additional information.  There are many things that I am still learning from the Lori Putnam book and DVD.  A wealth of knowledge is contained there in.  With this painting I was taken with the golden feeling in the painting.  I stained my canvas with a darker golden color which you can see in the parts left unpainted.  This is truly breaking new ground for me and I am having a lot of enjoyment.  The palette was a little different because the bananas were so green.  The juxtaposition with the deep purple eggplant was one that I liked very much.