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Here are more pictures of Stella and Sadie. I have been unable to get into my studio to husband is remodeling the master bathroom and we are having some other work done on the house and all of the equipment is stored in my studio. Hopefully I will be able to get there this upcoming week. I miss you all and miss being in touch... Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday and a very Prosperous New Year!!!


This is our Sadie. She is a rescue and we think around 18 months old. She is a very sweet girl...with a loud voice! We are all adapting and adjusting to the new situation.
Hi, I have been unable to post due to some home renovation and our new puppy! I haven't had time to paint. I am beginning to feel rather desperate:)! Will try to get to the studio this afternoon. Hope that all of you are having a wonderful HOLIDAY!!
We have had some pressing issues come up and this has taken precidence over painting. I hope to be able to spend time in my studio tomorrow.


My absence has not been invain. I have had much to do with the holidays as I am sure we all have. But more importantly I have been evaluating and re-evaluating my painting and beginning the process of exploration and hopefully improvement. There has always been something that bothered me about my painting and that was the lack of modulation of color. I recently purchased a DVD by a woman whose work I admire. She is a really fine painter and colorist. Her name is Camille Przewodek. Now I feel armed with the knowledge that will lead me eventually to where I want to be with my painting. I have a long way to go, but that is the journey. This painting was one that I had been working on and it is always difficult to go back into a painting and try to do something structually that should have been in place at the beginning of the painting process. I feel that I made improvements none-the-less. Now I begin a new and wonderful adventure.