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Paper cut collage and drawing

I am attracted to early photographs of women from the 19th century. I have a number of photos that I purchased on Etsy to work from. This is a very small paper cut painting and has intricate tiny pieces. I found it difficult to cut the smallest pieces and may need to use a magnifying glass to perfect the shapes. But all in all, I was pleased with how she turned out. This lovely young girl has a beautiful roundish face with gorgeous dark brown hair. Drawing for paper cut

My backyard and Collage work

I am trying to perfect the adhesive on the backs of the papers and am struggling with this. I will gain more proficiency as I work. This is an image looking out on the pond from my backyard.

Scenes from my Garden

These members of the Hibiscus family bloom along the winding driveway to my home. They are abundant this year and I wanted to share some of their beauty. They look like colorful flying saucers, and speaking of saucers, these beauties are actually the size of dinner plates! My Gardens and surroundings inspire my creativity. In these small paper collages I explore the plant life forms and explore color. Please come along and enjoy the South Carolina summer with me.

Spider Mum

I am stretching myself and finding it challenging. I am trying very hard to place a color down and leave it. I am also trying to simplify as much as I possibly can. I left this painting when it was still fresh choosing not to rework it. 6"X6" Oil Raymar Canvas Panel Drawing for Spider Mum

Vaseline Vase and Mango


Grapes and cheese is one of my favorite snacks! It is always a challenge setting up a still life, and, this was no exception. I began with my objects and determined what color and value range I wanted to work in. That's where the fun began. The process of painting is exhilarating. For me, it is the moments spent solving the problems that the still life, color, light, and state of mind present. 10"X10" Oil Stretched Linen PURCHASE HERE


After a few days off from painting and much needed time to reflect and fill myself up again spiritually; I painted this little vibrant painting. I found these lilies at the grocery store and when I placed them in the vase I detected the most wonderful scent. They are elegant and beautiful in color. This time I didn't strugle with the colors used in the painting because I did a preliminary abstract color study and then translated that into the painting. It worked out very well and I didn't muddy the paint. 8X10 Oil Canvas Panel

Vaseline Vase and Petunia

I adore my vaseline hobnail vase and love painting it. The magenta flowers are petunias from my garden. 8"X8" Oil Canvas Panel PURCHASE HERE

Three Egg Breakfast

8X8 Oil Canvas Panel Day 43

Day 42

Daylilies and Vaseline Vase

My Daylilies are just about done blooming. They have been exceptionally pretty this year. It may be because of the cold cold winter that we had here in the South. I bought this beautiful little Vaseline glass vase on Etsy last week and was so excited to paint it. The color is even more vivid in natural sunlight, but, my studio has eaves which prevent much light from coming into the studio. So, I painted from ambient light during mid morning. I did a preliminary sketch which you will see below before I began painting. It helps me with the composition. I did change it somewhat because of the way that the painting progressed. 8X10 inches Oil Stretched Linen PURCHASE HERE