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My Treasures II

Once again I will need to photograph in the daylight because the colors aren't as intense as they are in true to life.  I really cut loose with this painting.  I focused once again on my 'treasures' stash of still life objects to paint.  I kind of enjoy this because I don't have to compose a story....I like things to be quite natural.  With this it is about the objects...their relationships to one another...color....interaction.....It is about letting my feelings come through the painting.  I am either going in the wrong direction or in the right direction....I think I will just need to weather this one through.

My Treasure

I have a treasure trove of props for my still life compositions.  I decided to just paint them as they are stacked next to one another on the top shelf....such fun!!!  This will be a series....more to come!!

Purple Peonies

Very happy that I went back into this painting and tried to do a better job....I have been looking at the work of Ray Roberts and learning from the way that he applies paint.  I have so much to learn.....also working on the shadow colors....


I will write more about this painting in a little while....I have got to gather my thoughts.....:;  My goodness have I learned a ton from painting this painting.....Whew!  At what point does the painting become its own entity?  When does it have it's own voice?  It will tell you and if you aren't listening it will kick you in the pants!!!  Finding just the right colors, shades and tints and value was difficult.  When I look down at my palette and it is a mess I know it is time to wipe it down and begin with fresh paint.  What else I learned is TAKE IT OUT when it isn't working....wipe and scrape until it is fairly clean before adding more or different color.

White Hydrangea

A 12"x 12" oil painting on stretched canvas. Impressions are strong....actually stronger sometimes than photo-realistic. I wanted to capture the very simplified essence of this floral still life with economy of strokes. I love Hydrangeas and while these did not come from my garden (mine are purple and blue) they are beautiful. 

Red Earthen Ware Pot

This is quick little study done on Arches oil paper.  It is 11 3/4"x 8".  One of the tips that I learned from my recent DVD was to wash the surface with a light coat of linseed oil before painting...the paint glides so much easier.  You can purchase the painting here .

Pretty in Pink

I am on a Peony roll here.....just enjoying the process of painting and color.  Can be purchased here .


This is a commission....6"x 6" on Gessobord.


I had a lot of fun tonight with this painting.  I will photograph in the morning light because this is halogen light and it is not quite accurate.  I am beginning to see a me come through in my abstracts.  This painting is 24"x 18" and can be found here .