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Sale in my Etsy shop!!

I am running a sale in my Etsy shop.....15% off through Monday at midnight....November 2015.  Stop on over and check out the savings on original artwork.  The selections below are just some of the paintings on display for sale.

Red Hydrangea

I immediately fell in love with this huge red hydrangea.  I know that it was dyed, but gosh, it is just gorgeous.  Red is my favorite color.....!   This is painted on an 8"x 8" Clayboard.....and I hate the surface of the clay just sucks all the oil out of the paint.  I will never buy this again.  Any of you have similar results?  I thought I was buying Gessoboard which I love.

Red Vase and Lemons

Finally folks, I have a painting.....I am overjoyed that I hung in there with this one.  I have learned so much about color as value and the introduction of grays.  My composition was just not working until I added a few more lemons and involved the foreground of the painting.  There were tears of utter frustration until I made break through after break through.  I am finally excited about painting again.  What have I learned?  Patience, persistence, looking, studying, analyzing, tenacity and willingness to leave what works and move on...... Oh......the painting is 20"x 20" on stretched canvas

Having Fun

Following through on ideas that I have.  Anxious to explore this at length!

Just Playing Around

I have been wanting to play with shape and color and these are the 3 paintings that I did today.  They are painted on Arches oil paper.  It is a very nice surface to paint on and I like it.  I plan on experimenting more with this technique.


I am evaluating this is a little rough....there are things that I like and some that I am not sure of.  Getting the drawing right for some reason was a real bear.  As always, things could change.....?  I am trying to find more color notes throughout the entire painting.

Red Bird---Red Chair

I know that you have seen this one before and I was never satisfied....given what I am learning and acknowledging about myself I went into it one last time.  Now, I LOVE it.  Learning to trust ones instincts is a big step forward.  At least it has been for me.  I decided that using thick paint isn't a curse!!!  I wish that my red chair still existed...but it doesn't.  There is a purple chair at the thrift store that I have my eye on and I just may get it.  It took me many days to get this composition right back when I put it together...that is a key element  to success.  There are times when you want to paint so badly and taking the time to lay out a good workable composition takes so much time!  But, a word to the wise...take all the time that it requires. Oh, and by the is not a sin to use black.  I make mine from alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, and cad yellow med.  It takes a bit of mixing to get just the right balance.

Red Roses in Glass

Trying something a little different...........