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12" X 12" $200.00   For Sale On Etsy   I am on a journey that includes immediacy, gesture, and feeling.  I am striving for a strong impression much as the impressionists did.  I want to imply form and concentrate on the abstract.   $200.00 plus $15.00 shipping         This is my drawing (sketch) for day 6.  This is my dog Sadie sleeping with me. 

Tea and Cookie

6" X 6"  $100.00 For Sale On Etsy    I pushed and pulled this painting and I am unsure at this point whether I made a break through or whether I lost control.  I wanted to break free of defining every object in the still life and deal more with color and abstract form. $100.00 plus $10.00 shipping  

Olives (day 5)

  Day 5 of my 30 days of drawing.  I loved this jar of BIG olives and want to do a painting also.  The Derwent pencils I am using are wash pencils but I decided not to apply water to this drawing because I liked the way that it was coming along.

Mother and Child drawing

  This is a sketch that I have done with the intent to one day do a painting.  This is a friend of mine.

Complimentary Colors

I continue to work from the book that I bought on exercises for painters in color.  Here are some of the compliments that the book advises.

Tea Cup with Birds I & II

Continuing with drawings ... day 3 of 30 days.  I bought this pretty little tea cup with birds yesterday and am going to try and get a really good drawing of it.  The top one is a 10 to 15 minute sketch and the bottom one is a sketch that took about an hour.  I like the energy of the first one and will work on the refined cup more in another drawing.  It feels good to has been a while.

Autumn Farmer's Market

  8X6 125 For Sale On Etsy This is an image taken at the Farmer's Market in Cincinnati several years ago . I found this image on Etsy and the owner was kind enough to let me work from it. I want to do this in paint.  

Rose Lino Cut I and II

    Last night I did 2 lino cuts from a photo of a rose that I took.  I like them both.  The bottom one came out very abstract but I like the shapes.  The top one is pretty straight forward.  Lots of fun to do.  I will continue working from the book that I am working from on color, but I also want to complete a drawing a day for the next 30 days.

Woman Bathing

  8X6   100 For Sale On Etsy SOLD    Here is the finished painting of the woman bathing.  I haven't painted that many people and find that I really enjoy it.  You will be seeing more figures in my work!  This painting was painted on canvas paper.  What I like about canvas paper is that the paint glides on very easily.  It has a fairly smooth texture.

Preliminary Sketch Woman Bathing

  6X4   30 For Sale On Etsy   This is a preliminary sketch for a painting of a woman bathing. I want to do this in paint.  Each week Daily Paintworks offers up a challenge to artists covering a wide variety of subjects.  The sketch was indeed a challenge to try and get the proportions right..

Good Fortune

  8X6   $100.00   For Sale On Etsy   Drawing, drawing, many times do I have to remember that drawing is just about everything.  Fun little painting to do, however! $ 100.00 plus $10.00 shipping

Fruit Bowl

  8" X 10" $175.00 For Sale On Etsy   Well, my desire in this painting was to paint with HOT colors which is unusual for me.  It was difficult to get used to the intensity of the color.  There was enough about the painting that I like when finished that I decided to keep it. $175.00 plus $12.00 shipping

Winter Peach

      10X8   150 For Sale On Etsy   These peaches from Chile are very sweet and succulent.  They brought a delicious warmth to a gray and rainy day.  In this painting I experimented with Zinc White and Titanium White.  I wanted a cool background to offset the warmth of the peaches and used the Zinc White and Prussian Blue.  In the foreground I used Titaium White with Cadmium Yellow to bring in warmth to the lighted areas. I am gaining control over my decision making and that gives me confidence.  This item is for sale ONLY to continental (lower 48) United States customers.

Brass Vase

    8X8   135 For Sale On Etsy     In this still life I am trying to use a different perspective and include more of the still life and surrounding cloth. I also intensified the color. I used a primarily warm palette. I am pleased with the results. This item is for sale ONLY to continental (lower 48) United States customers.

Cut Grapefruit

8X8 SOLD   I love painting grapefruit!  They are always so fresh and alive with color.  In this painting I used    Zinc White because it is a cool white.  I helped to cool the warms and create a cool palette. This item is for sale ONLY to continental (lower 48) United States customers.

Peony II

  6X6   85   SOLD   This is another peony painting where I chose to go very abstract and yet maintain some semblance of the look and feel of the flower.


    6X8   95 This painting is for sale in my Etsy Shop   In painting this peony I used a warm and cool palette.

Bay Street

  4X6   40   For Sale On Etsy  I have been experiencing many problems with my computer and I hope that they are now resolved. This is an image from downtown Beaufort off of Bay Street.  I wanted to intensify the colors in this painting.  I was working with a cool palette containing Prussian Blue, Viridian Green, Lemon Yellow Zinc White, and Cobalt Vioet.