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In Progress

Making progress, but,  a long way to go...

In Progress

This is the preliminary drawing for my next oil painting.

IN Progress

This painting is coming along but I will need to rest it for a while because I am tired and I don't want to ruin what I have done.  There are things that bother me like the background color...I will need to think it through.  What I really want is a kind of beautiful gray color background.  I did I  go back in and I am happy.  Just a few teeny tiny changes and it will be ready.  So pleased with what I have learned.  There is something that I have learned recently.  Hang on and analyze and stick with the painting until it is complete.  It may mean scraping and changing....laziness is no option.  Yes, sometimes I think I am a little lazy.

In Progress

This is the 18x 24 inch painting that I am working on.  Still much to do, but it is coming along.  Too tired tonight to work any more on it.


Ok...ok...I did say that I wouldn't change a thing.,...well the background troubled me....I wanted much more light.  I like it better....what do youall think?


This is the finished commissioned painting.  I refuse to touch it again.  I must not allow that to happen.  Sometimes I waiver....go back in....and wish I hadn't.  Sooooo, this one is going to be set aside and I will leave it.


This is a preliminary drawing for a painting that I have been commissioned to do.  Now I need to study up a bit and plan a palette.