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Daily sketch #38

This is a sketch of an actual cast skull done by my friend Sharon Long of Laramie, Wyoming now from Reno Nevada.  The process for producing these skulls is her own creation and she worked with many from the Archeological programs.  I am honored to have one of her pieces.  This guy was in the Civil War and received an injury which lacerated his skull as witness by the groove above the left eye.  He lived for sometime afterwards.  This is the first time that I have attempted to draw him.  I am learning and growing with the process of crosshatching which I now love.  Paintings are coming!!!

Daily sketch #37

Still trying to get a handle on fabric folds.....

Daily sketch #36

No sleep....but I did get a drawing done.

Daily sketch #35

Really pushing the is interesting because you must begin to not see object and see value shapes instead and that is just a matter of experience I think.

Daily sketch #34

My daily sketch tonight.......

Daily sketch #32

Sweet potato and very difficult to do....I am learning though....


I feel as though I am finally getting somewhere!  Wahooo       I used Cad Red Deep, Alizarin Crimson, Azo Coral, Ultramarine Blue, Cad Yellow Med, Titanium White....and a teeny bit of Ivory Black.  I did  a fairly detailed underpainting before I began.  After it was over I let my dogs share in the broken muffin....very appreciative:)   Oh...this is an 8"x 10" stretched canvas.  I wanted a linear layout.

Sneak peak!!

This 10"x 8" oil painting is my most recent painting and I will photograph tomorrow in the daylight before I post it in color on FB.  I feel that I am really learning now...yay....!!!


I am moderately happy with the painting and I really tried to be aware of many things...the saturation is better and I think that the composition is more interesting.

Daily Sketch #31

This was one of the more fun sketches that I have done!


For some reason this painting reminds me of the Aztec ruins from Mexico.....I think that it is the architectural antique that belongs to my husband with the huge sun symbol.  I haven't painted cloth that much and so I had heart failure when I first began....and then after many tries I wore myself out and relaxed and let it happen.  It is just a matter of following the light and shadow.......and keeping the wonderful feeling of the soft supple cloth.  I used a limited palette of Azo Yellow, Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, Thalo Blue, Titanium White and a tad bit of Ivory Black.  I did paint a 12"x 12" value study to break the painting down into a simple hierarchy of value shapes.

Daily Sketch #30

A quick study last evening.....

Daily sketch #39

This is a quick sketch tonight....didn't have a great deal of time.....

Value study for new painting

New value study with 5 values...very rough only breaking down into the most simple shapes...

Rose of Sharon

This painting is 12' x 12' on a stretched canvas.  I have been wanting to work larger and also been wanting to paint this bloom from my garden.  I laid out a fairly detailed sketch in paint before I began to paint.  Next I chose my palette....Azo Yellow, Azo Coral, Alizarin Crimson, Quinacridone Magenta, Manganese Violet, Ultramarine Blue and Alizarin Crimson.  I pre mixed most of my colors and jumped in feet first with brush in hand.

Oh yumm....apricots

This was a 60 minute is small and done in oil on Gessobord.  I enjoyed working quickly and want to try another one today with what I learned.

Daily ...#37 &...#38

Several sketches that I worked on last evening.....

Her Life by the Sea

This is an 11"x 14" painting on stretched canvas.  It was challenging working with so many small parts.  I hope that I didn't get it too chalky.  I tried to use purest color I could knowing that I was working with medium to light values.  The tiny and I do mean tiny shells were a real challenge.  Fun painting though......Oh, and the abalone was that tough.....