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Well....I had trouble with the painting until I determined that what really bothered me was the composition and the color. I replaced an object and added more color and I am happy. :) Perserverence 12X12 Oil Stretched Canvas


'Tis the season! 6X8 Oil Canvas Panel

My Satin Shoes

I used just 2 brushes in this painting. I wanted to work with a limited number of strokes and so I chose a number 12 flat and a number 6 flat. It was loads of fun and I am happy with the outcome. 10X10 inches Oil Canvas Panel


8X8 Oil Canvas Panel


This is the last rose from my garden. They were very lovely. 6X6 Oil Raymar Canvas Panel

My Little Umbrella

I have been busy with non painting duties and have missed painting. I pulled this little painting together today...


Today on my walk the air was crisp and the smell of autumn was in the air. The colors in this still life evoke that kind of feeling within. Quiet walks...the air nipping at your face and fingers...a time of rest for the earth. 12"X12" Oil Stretched Canvas

It Falls Like Rain

I am not sure why I chose this title except that the painting made me feel like rain inside. Not a bad feeling just a solemn, beautiful moment. 5X7 Oil Canvas Panel

Two Little Birds

I have been painting these birds over and over again and feel that this painting is finally working. I learned so much from the continued exploration.

Salt Marsh III

Sold 9"X11" Oil Canvas Panel

Salt Marsh

This was a very fun painting to do. It is part of a commission. This is the Salt Marsh in the winter colors. 9"X11" Oil Canvas Panel