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Still life with Lemon

  10"X 10" Oil Stretched Canvas $140.00  This little still life is creeping pretty close to pure abstraction!  I have been looking at the work of Diebenkorn and just love how far he pushed the envelope.


  10"X 10" Oil Canvas Board $140.00   A bit of a redo....Now I love this painting! Found here:

My Favorite Polish

  3"X 5" Oil Canvas Panel   This is the original oil painting that I used for the beaded painting.  Found here:

Nail Polish and Lipstick

  3"X 5" Glass Beads Fabric 'Nail Polish and Lipstick' Almost finished....whew....I am in love with glass beads (anything glass actually). Bead painting with beads is so much fun. Very creative play. This image is taken from a recent painting of mine...I wanted to see how it would translate into glass. Once I begin a painting it is an paint bead by bead....sooo time consuming. This image is small 3"X5". I have a series of them planned...could be a bit smaller than this!


  10"X8" Oil Canvas Board SOLD     I have a garden full of a rainbow of zinnias! The Ball jar was an acquisition on Etsy.

Girl Things

  6"X 8" Oil on Raymar Canvas Board $110.00     In this painting I was not interested in a reproduction of the still life setup. My interest was in color combinations, shape and composition. I was trying to stretch the boundary of the still life concept. This 6 X 8 painting is painted on a Raymar canvas panel with quality paints. There is great surface texture with noticeable brushwork. This painting needs to be framed. It will come to you unframed. Some of my customers set these small paintings on table easels for display. This painting is for sale here: Drawing of "Girl Things"   7 1/2" X 8 1/2" Pastel $75.00

Blue Cup

  8"X8" Oil on Board SOLD   An experiment that I am happy with.  I wanted to avoid narrative and deal strictly with shape and color.  This painting can be found here: ://

Mini Eclair

  4"X 6" Oil on Board $90.00   I couldn't resist painting this tiny éclair. I liked the bright pink background with the color of the pastry. It has been tempting me all afternoon. I will resist!  It can be found here:

Seed and Feed Marching Abominable Band at Spoletto

  8"X 6" Oil on Canvas Board $110.00     The 8"X6" inch painting is painted on a canvas panel. The image is of the Seed and Feed Marching Abominable Band that performed at the Spoletto Art Festival. They wore wonderful colorful outfits and carried their instruments as they walked the Festival. It was so much fun. The light was perfect and played off of the colors in such a beautiful way.

Corner Ice-Cream Parlor

  6"X 8" Oil on Canvas Panel       I remember when I was small that there was a soda shoppe in downtown Lusk Wyoming It was so much fun to go there and have a chocolate coke and play the juke box. Well, in downtown Beaufort there is a corner ice-cream parlor that brings back so many wonderful memories! They serve great hot dogs! It can be found here:

Fresh Cherries

  4"X 6" Oil on Panel SOLD     LOVE fresh cherries! I fell in love with the deep rich red of these delicious cherries. Getting the deepest red was a challenge, but I managed to get the almost black red that I was looking for. This painting is 4"X 6" painted on a canvas panel. You can find it here: 155621301/ fresh-cherries-by-linda-hunt-4x 6?ref=shop_home_active