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Lotus Pond

My husband took photos of a local lotus pond which I liked and that is the impetus for this painting.  I am trying to keep it abstract and create an impression....comments?

Abstract work e-course

Yesterday I worked on these abstracts again and feel that I made some progress.  I also reworked some of the paintings in my studio.  For those of you who might be interested I am taking this e-course from Brooke Wandall Schiavi who can be found on Pinterest and BlogSpot.  Do check out her work it is truly wonderful... great class.


A do over influenced by my abstract work.

abstracts e-course

  Three works today which may or may not be finished.  Searching for my voice.

Papercut collage e-course

I decided that I wanted to work with pattern on pattern since I feel that is a real weak area for me.  What I read today was that when work with color it is a good idea to use tone and undertone to create great harmony.  My thinking was that would be a good way to approach pattern against pattern. 

Abstract red oil e-course

This was difficult to come to, but I learned a lot believe it or not.  I was trying for something authentic in my mark making and it took pushing to the edge to get there.  Now I want to paint something realistic and see what I can bring to it with this kind of paint application and intensity.

Paper cuy e-course

Warming up with paper cuts this morning.  I decided to work with some color exercises to stretch my self a little.  The top was red with pattern.  I need to work more with pattern because it is a real challenge.  The bottom was red violet, blue green and orange.

Abstracts e-course

I love to play with paper collage.  To focus myself I created these two collages before working on the oil abstract.  It helped me to work with the paper beforehand.  I also chose a very limited palette which created a wonderful color harmony.

Abstract 5 e-course

Getting a little bit looser.  Will buy some acrylics because the oil isn't drying fast enough.  Maybe house paint would be better.

Abstract #4 e-course

This is my 4th abstract.  I really like the color in this particular one.  I was working off of the theme of some of the plants in my yard.  I am enjoying these abstract paintings.  I have longed to touch this part of my brain for a long time. 

It Was Good To Fall

My first big abstract.  I had to rework a painting as part of my e-course...I think I like it better than the way it was.  What is your opinion?

Abstract e-class

A small 8x10 inch abstract that I have been working on this morning.

Preliminary drawing for new painting

I am taking an online e-course with Brooke Wandall-Schiavi and it is thrilling.  I have been stifled by my own limitations for so long and now I feel that I am beginning to bloom again.  This drawing is serving as the inspiration for a painting that is currently under construction.  This is done with vine charcoal on Bristol paper.  The painting is done in oil.

Marker Drawing

  Since I am trying new things.....I decided to play with my markers for a while and the result was this colorful drawing of one of my favorite vases and flowers.  This drawing is done on Bristol paper which is quite heavy.  Very substantial.  It is about 10 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches.  This can be found in my Etsy shop.

Abstract 3

I stayed up all night last nite so enthused to be trying my hand at abstraction.  This is another collage.  I seem to like the juxtaposition of shapes and works for me.  This is done on Bristol paper.  It is mixed media: Gouache, Acrylic, and Oil Colors.

Abstract course

I am going to explore abstract for a month and see what comes of it.  This is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time.  I had fun today and I am anxious to proceed.