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Peach Rose

I am going through a file of pictures that I have been wanting to paint and now I am gaining confidence that I can do them justice.  I have finally had someone teach me how to layout a painting in incremental steps that make huge sense.  I love it!!  One of the things that I have found out is to spread a very thin coat of linseed oil on the canvas or board or for that matter paper in the beginning.  This allows the paint to move easily on the surface.  I am also learning more about grays and how to bend the color as Lori Putnam explains in her DVD.  The information in both of these courses together provide great clarity.

Rose at Dawn

I am learning how to use and hope that I am understanding...anyway this is an painting that I painted what I am learning!!  I also bought bristle brushes which make a big difference in how the paint handles.  There are places and reasons to use synthetic brushes...they make a very chiseled application of paint whereas a bristle brush is soft and gives a soft diffused edge.

Yellow Rose

I am pleased with this and the way that it turned out.  I bought a new DVD and man is it good....I will post a little more about this in a couple of hours.

The Violinist

I have been wanting to paint this image for a long time....bringing to where I wanted it was tough.  I will photograph again because the sun was too bright and there is glare on the paint.  The colors are richer than depicted here.

Wrapped Chocolate Candies

I worked a little too hard on this piece and kind of lost was a good learning experiment and I like it as an abstract.  When I ordered some jewelry findings from the UK the artist mailed some delicious candies and I painted them.  Like I said it is quite abstract.  I may go into it at a later date for now it rests.

Candy Orange Slices

I love the look, feel, taste and smell of candy orange slices....I love them so much that I ate every bag that I brought into my studio until I decided that to stop this behavior I would spray the inside of the candy bag with varnish......well, these will remain forever untouched.  I am charting a new course with this full month of paintings.  I am going to play with the color and application of paint to satisfy my own inner rhythm....the color is a bit dull because I photographed in my studio under halogen lighting after daylight had long since disappeared.  Tomorrow I will photograph again and post.  I also made a slight change that I like much better.  I just photographed and the colors are correct now.