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Day 20

Red Cup

I collect these dishes. The cup is a 'Ruby Red' cup from the 1940's or 1950's. I remember as a little girl that my mom had these dishes. I would hold them up to the light and marvel at the depth of red color. 6X6 Oil Stretched Linen
Day19 Graphite


This is the Carole Marine exersize that I am unable to post on her site...for some reason...sooo I am posinting it here. It was quite challenging and certainly clearly showed me where my weaknesses are. The panels read from right to left and top to bottom. I think it is pretty clear where my last paintings were. Child Day 18 I want to learn more about drawing faces. This is a copy of a drawing in a Dover book that I found. It helps you to understand the proportional difference between infants, children, and adults. I want to do more work from this book to get a better feel for the portrait.


This was a wipe out over and over again and I decided that I would just leave this one as it is. Day17 This is an older drawing that I am posting. I am still caring for my little Stella, dog!!

Boy Day16

I am posting this older drawing today because I have been up all night with a dog that is recovering from a big surgery. I painted yesterday and ended up wiping out everything. Hopefully, I will be able to paint while Stella sleeps.

PolkaDot ShoesDay15

These are the cutest shoes! They were a birthday gift from my Sister several years ago. Graphite 10X10

Four Pink Tulips

These poor tulips were wilting before my very eyes. I believe that this painting is completed, but there may need to be a few changes made. 8X10 OIl Stretched Linen


Quick 15 minute sketch. My dog is going in for surgery today and I hope to paint later in the day. This is just a very quick drawing today.

Tulip Day13

After having drawn so many smaller tighter drawings, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to incluede a large gestural drawing. There will be paintings coming soo...the past couple of days have been very stressful without much painting.


This portrait is of a young girl and while I like the drawing it is not quite as young as the photograph depicts. I will try again. I am posting it because I like it. I have done a few of them, but, not many and feel happy with the results of this one. I have a portrait of a young boy that I will post is an older one done a number of months ago. 4X4 1/2 " graphite

Chocolate Mint Day 11

My gum wrapper caught my attention this morning when I was getting ready to sit down and draw. I was enticed by the silver sheen of the wrapper. Yes, this is my favorite kind of gum....Chocolate Mint....sounds heavenly doesn't it!!! My observation in drawing each day is that I am beginning to discern value much better. Graphite 6X8


Well, I can honestly say that I am learning something from the drawings that I have been doing. My drawings generally have a light touch and my paintings are much more encumbered. I started this painting 5 times before I felt that I was on the right path. I am working on a very smooth linen canvas which I don't like that much, but since I bought 3 boxes of them, I will be using them up. Who knows maybe I will learn to love them. The surface takes a lighter application of paint because the thicker paint just slips and slides around. I actually liked the feeling of less paint and how much more I could work it. I can get the desired soft edges and create a bit of atmosphere. 8X8 Oil Stretched Linen PURCHASE HERE Watermelon Day10 My still life met with a fateful dog, Stella, ate my watermeon when I briefly left the room. She was careful to eat only the melon and not the rind! So, this still life is completed.

Mum in Vine Charcoal Day9

This is a charcoal drawing that I have done from the Mums that are still living! Vine charcoal is rather difficult to work with because it is rather transient, but I love the softness of the medium. This drawing is a small drawing about 11X14. There is only so much working a drawing like this can take before the fibers of the paper are saturated. I am working on a multi-media paper that is of good quality. I won't have a painting today because I am starting a new one and it may take several days.

Rose in Glass Bottle

Some of you may recognize the set up. I did this painting from a photograph that I took of a set up in Carol Marine's workshop last year. I have wanted to paint it myself and took the opportunity. Mine is not nearly as nice, but I am still pleased with the results. 6X6 Oil Raymar Canvas Panel Hand Study Day 8 This is a study that I did of my hand,

Valentine Rose

A very quick sketch. 6X6 inches Oil Raymar Canvas Panel Half Full Day 7 HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! This is a quick sketch and hopefully a painting will follow in a little later. Grahite

Lemon Slices Day 6

I have gone back to the implement that I most love to draw with. A common mechanical pencil is my favorite tool. In this drawing I wanted to see if I could capture the luminous light that filtered through these lemons. I was also working with a light to dark value structure. This is a small drawing about 7 by 7 inches on a multi media paper.

Boy Day5

This little guy was at an Easter Egg hunt and he was very intrigued with all the the children running around searching the bushes for eggs.

Mums in Glass Vase

My mums are holding up well and I want to capture as many images in paint as I can before they begin to drop petals. 8X10 Oil Canvas Panel Little Girl Day4

Day 3 Lemons

I had fun with drawing and am beginning to feel a little more relaxed. I used a soft charcoal pencil with this drawing. I tried to capture the mesh bag that the lemons were spilling out of.


This was a challenge. I am working with the basics...contour drawing. It was not a blind contour; I am working on that, but the drawings are hard to decyfer! I know that this drawing is distorted, but I have to suffer through some eye hand coordination problems before I can be happy with what I have done.


These beautiful mums just make my day so much brighter! It is still a little cool but, the sun is brightly shining! I found these beutiful flowers in the grocery store...I am hoping to produce a few more paintings from them! $90.00 plus shipping PURCHASE HERE Day 1 I have decided to begin month long commitment to draw each day. My drawing skills are rusty and I need to work on them.

Cincinnati Conservatory

While we were in Cincinnati this past Fall we spent some time in the Conservatory. It was lush and resembled a dense tropical forest. I took many photographs and have been mulling over in my mind how I would interpret the photos. Today it has been raining heavily and the air is thick with humidity. I began to think of a tropical Rain Forest and how I would depict it. I decided on an abstract theme with lots of vibrant color. Today was a wonderful Play Day!! 10X10 Oil Canvas Panel $100.00 plus shipping Purchase Here

Car Challenge

I have reworked this painting about 4 times. I am pleased with the results which I really had to work for. I have learned a lot with this painting and am anxious to apply what knowledge I have gained in my next paintigs. Exersize 1 6X6 inches Oil canvas panel This is the beginning of a series of paintings where I will try new things to paint and hopefully develop my painting skills.

Camilia, Lemon, Nectarine

I am posting this small still life again today because I didn't make it in time to update it yesterday before the post went out. I added some color and other features to the painting. 6X6 inches Oil Raymar canvas panel

Camilia and Lemon

My Camilia tree is in full bloom with the most gorgeous white blossoms. It is always such a treat to have it blossom in the winter months. Nectarines are in season again!! It is a toss up whether I prefer a peach to a nectarine, but, I personally like them over peaches. I love them because of their deep red skins and sensuous curved shape. The little orange bowl is one that I found at one of the stores in town and fell in love with the scalloped edges and curvilinear lines. 6X6 inches Oil Stretched canvas