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Grapefruit and Herbal Tea II

Click here to bid 6X6 Oil Canvas Panel I wasn't satisfied with the painting yesterday and did another painting from the same subject. I am much more pleased with the results. I have a tendency to load on the paint when not when I am not thinking intently about my strokes. I also tried to use less strokes and make them count.

Grapefruit and Herbal Tea

8"X8" Oil Canvas Panel $95.00 plus $8.00 shipping in lower U.S. Gray is an interesting color to work with. I set up a challenge for myself by having a white cup set against a white piece of fabric. I worked very hard on stretching my values in gray and still keeping the white cup reading white against a white background.

Oh yummm!

6"X6" Oil Raymar Canvas Panel $75.00 plus $8.00 shipping in the lower United States. I have eaten dried figs many times...I love them. Today I bought fresh figs after learning how to eat them. Oh my gosh!! They are so delicious. I love the blue hue of their skins and their plump little shapes.

Light of Life

12"X12" Oil Canvas Panel This painting was one that I had a great deal of fun with. It grew out of a painting that I wasn't satisfied with and went back into. I love the light in this piece and the abstract nature of the piece.

Secret Garden

10X10" Oil Canvas Panel My grandmother's velvet shawl was the inspiration for this painting. It is a shawl that my Uncle brought back with him from Japan. When I was a little girl my greatest honor was to wear it when I went to a movie. It probably looked ridiculous because it is quite long...but I felt like a princess!

Are You Serious?

Well, this one is better than yesterday and I actually really enjoyed painting it. I have learned that value is the key. I also think that I must keep my brush much cleaner and not drag so much from stroke to stroke.

Bird Salt & Pepper

6X6 inches Oil Raymar CAnvas Panel Well, these were challenging!:) I did one wipe out and decided that this was probably as good as it will get today. I think that my grays could have been a little darker. It was good practice and I will definately paint them again.

In Remembrance

12X12 inches Oil Canvas Panel Today has been a day of looking back on 911 and remembering the loss of innocence that our country suffered. I love America and the resiliency of this country.

Black Plum

10X10 inches Oil Canvas Panel This was one of those wonderful experiences where the paint just fell off the brush. I love the black plums when they come into season. Everytime I paint them I am reminded of a black plum tart that an old German lady used to make and share with me. I never did get the recipe and wish that I had. So if anyone has a great recipe please let me know!

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