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My Shadow Box

I am making a shadow box to place my still life objects in so that I can control the light. I saw something similar on Wet Canvas months ago. I really like the set up that Carol Marine has, but haven't been able to have it built yet. I plan on cutting round holes in the sides where I can shine a light through and get a more directional lighting angle. In my studio I don't have good natural lighting so I must use lamps. It is a good size box and very sturdy. I am anxious to try it out!

Jar Roasted Peppers in progress

This is a bit larger painting than the one that I have been working on. I let myself go! I know that sounds funny, but I can beome so tight when painting small. My real love is working on a larger format. I intended to fix a painting and decided that the painting was worthless. Soooo in that frame of mind with pent up energy I thrust my brush into this. It felt so good! Ahh today is glorious! We finally have weather above 38 degrees. When you live in the South the warmer temperatures spoil you. It has been cold for so long that it feels good to walk outside without a jacket. oil canvas panel 12X12 inches $225.00 plus shipping PURCHASE HERE

Geisha Dolls

Aren't these the cutest little things? I found them last night while I was shopping. I had fun with pure color. 6X6 inches oil Raymar canvas panel $45 plus shipping PURCHASE HERE

White Cup and Persimmon

6X6 inches oil Ampersand Gesso Board $70 plus shipping PURCHASE HERE Ornaments 6X6 inches oil canvas panel $50 plus shipping PURCHASE HERE

Bush Rose

This is another one of my paintings that I am relisting after some minor changes. There have been many errands to run today and I will paint tonight. Christmas was great this year...hope that yours was merry too! 6X6 inches oil canvas panel PURCHASE HERE

Roses SOLD

This painting was begun a number of months ago and I was never fully satified with it, so I went into it yesterday and am pleased with the results. My intention is to imply the form of the flower not to define it. In this painting I worked with the background incorporating color to make it a more harmonious painting. 12X12 inches Oil Canvas Panel $150.00 plus shipping Purchase Here


Oh my gosh!!! Sometimes you get a painting that just drives you crazy and you can't let it go. I have got to let this one stand as it is because I'll end up wiping it out completely unless I do! Anyway it is 2 days before Christmas and I have a ton to do and so I may not be able to post much until after Christmas. Hope that your Christmas is merry! 8X8 inches Oil Canvas Panel

Candy Apple

I wasn't looking for anything to paint while grocery shopping but when I saw the candy apples it just brought back so many memories. There was a small activities park with a Ferris Wheel and other rides when I was small. The family would go there sometimes and my greatest pleasure was a glossy, transparent, red candied apple. Oh yummm! Well, I am cautious about my crowns now and only admire them from a distance so I decided to live vicariously and paint one. 6x8 inches Oil Raymar Canvas panel $70 plus shipping PURCHASE HERE


It's amazing to me! My studio is as cold as a florists flower refrigerator and these daises haven't begun to deteriorate!! I can still get several studies from them. In this painting I included the background of my studio window and curtain. There is a sliver of the grass outside, which is very yellow, because of the freezing termperatures that we have been having. These daises bring a bit of warmth!:) 12X16 Oil Gesso Board $125 plus shipping Purchase Here


A change of pace! My daisies turned into an abstraction! 6X6 inches oil Ampersand Gessoboard $75.00 PLUS SHIPPING PURCHASE HERE

White Cup and Persimmon

In this painting I was working with several objectives. I tried gessoboard and I have got to give a big hand to anyone that can paint on this. I had quite a time because I am used to the tooth of canvas. It was my intent to paint with grays and produce a white cup. It was challenging. I painted the persimmon one more time. I did find out how to eat this variety. I took out the core and peeded it and sliced the fruit and ate it that way. It was a subtle taste and sweet. It was really good! 6x6 INCHES OIL Ampersand Gessoboard

Red Bird Green Apple

There were things about this painting that really irritated me and so I went in a came to a better conclusion. Sorry for almost the same post but I wanted to let you see the result. I opened up the painting and added more light.The painting needed to undergo a simplification of forms, shapes, and colors. I am happier with this now. 18X24 oil stretched canvas $425.00 plus shipping PURCHASE HERE


Persimmons have go to be one of the most beautiful fruits...I just love them...however, I don't know when or how to eat them. Anybody got any ideas about how to prepare a persimmon? 6X6 inches stretched canvas oil $75.00 plus shipping PURCHASE HERE

Christmas Mints

This is an older painting but I wanted to post it again. I am working on a painting that will be posted by Thursday.

Red Bird Green Apples

I may need to do some tweaking but I think that I have brought this painting to a conclusion. It was fun to paint although I tried to avoid too much detail and in doing so that became quite frustrating at times. 18X24 inches oil stretched canvas


This is a larger painting that I have been working on. It is only in the beginning stages and this is only a detail. I will keep you informed of its progress.


This painting is another...OVERHAUL.... I painted it a number of monhths ago and was never very happy with it. I just needed to cut loose on it and let myself enjoy the intuitive sense of finding the essence of the painting! I am very happy with this now.


Peonies are not in season and I admit that this is a gorgeous silk flower that has great color. I am grateful that I finished this painting with time to spare because I have 2 pies to make for tomorrow. Thanksgiving! I wish you all a very blessed Thanksgiving and a joyful holiday season! 8X8 inches oil canvas panel

Silver and Gold Ornaments

I am still intrigued by the silver and gold shiny ornaments. These are surfaces that are challenging to produce. I will get on to something else soon. 6X6 inches oil canvas panel


This is another re-do on a painting that I did sometime ago. I like it better now. 6X6 inches oil canvas panel


There was just something that I didn't like with this painting and I thought and looked really intensely and decided to go ahead and work with it a little bit. Well, it turned into a big little bit! I tried to maintain loosness and yet add more definition and care with my brushstokes. I feel that I am in a growning and learning period.


This was a painting where I allowed myself only a short period of time and tried to lay down the paint and not musssssh into it again. I wanted clean pure color with very little added white. I am trying to learn to paint more with color and color as light and value.


I have worked and worked on this painting and I just am not sure what I am after but I haven't achieved it. I think greater harmony.


This painting underwent a complete overhaul. Would be nice if life was that way...view it and then go into the parts that needed to be enhanced or redone. 6X6 inches oil canvas panel PURCHASE HERE


There are times when I paint that I can work through the difficulties of balancing all of the elements that go into painting. In this painting I had a real sense of what it was I wanted to express. "The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance." ~Aristotle 12X12 inches oil canvas panel PURCHASE HERE


It has only been a few days since I last painted but it feels like weeks. I needed something to challenge me. In this small study I placed an ornament into the glass...I wanted to work with as little white as possible and explore saturated color. The ornament proved to be a huge challenge and I may try again. It is a mass of round donut shaped purple sequins with tiny beads. It resembles berries doesn't it? 6X6 inches oil canvas panel


Christmas is the most spiritual time of the year for me. I always remember listening to the Messiah in our home, tree lights, tinsel, and Christmas Carols. What a wonderful time of year. I have had this glass ornament for many years and love the style of the figure. It has the most beautiful color and shine. We collected these vintage style ornaments for a number of years. This is one of my favorites. I have not painted many figurine images and I THINK I really need to work on it. 5X7 inches oil canvas panel PURCHASE HERE


The weather has turned cooler and our leaves are just beginning to fall. I found these gorgeous red leaves on my patio yesterday and fell in love with their vibrant color. One of the things that most disturbs me about my painting is the use of white. In this painting I am using strong color as a choice. It is one thing to see value and an entirely different thing to see color as value. I hope to curb the use of so much white. 6X6 inches oil canvas panel PURCHASE HERE


I felt like painting flowers today since it is very dark and gloomy. I found this photo on Wet Canvas for Artists in the reference library. 6X6 inches oil canvas panel PURCHASE HERE


This is an older image from last year but one that I liked. I am recovering from being up the entire night to watch the election returns. I am beginning to feel the stirring feeling of wanting to paint. There has been so much going on that it has been difficult. 5X7 inches oil canvas panel

Little Princess SOLD

This is my dog Stella...a real little princess in our home. She is a Golden Reteiver and Afghan mix. This painting was sold to a woman in Australia who had a Golden that closely resembled Stella. 8X8 inches oil canvas panel


This is an older image of an ear of corn. It was so abstract that I didn't think it held much merit but the more I look at it the more it grows on me. 6X8 inches oil canvas panel

Hydrangea in Glass Vase

These are the prettiest blue hydragea blossoms. I am working on a larger still life which include this vase of flowers. The light on these flowers was very appealing and I wanted to capture the image on its own. In this painting I tried for greater harmony and worked to establish a strong contrast. 8X8 inches oil canvas panel

Still Life

Today I spent most of the afternoon settimg up a still life to work from. I had purchased these gorgeous hydrangea blooms and they inpired this set up. I will sketch this out first to get a feel for the composition and then I plan on painting a value study. After I have worked out the details I want to paint it in color. I haven't decided in what value range I want the painting. Hopefully, I can get a few small daily paintings from some of the elements of this still life. How do you approach a still life? I only have my studio lights and I know that I can't get the richest for purest color but I will try.

My Festive Shoes

In this painting I used full color. Usually I mix my own blacks as I did in this painting, however, I did resort to using tube black to obtain the blackest black. I worked hard to trnaslate what I had learned from working with 4 values as in the firtst painting. I find that the translation into color is a tricky thing and this may be where I need to work harder. It is an interesting exersize to do a series of paintings from one subject. 6X6 inches oil Raymar canvas panel

Value Study 2

In this study I broke down the drawing into white and black shapes. I tried to connect the black as much as possible. 6X6 inches oil Raymar canvas panel

Value Study I

I have decided to take a few steps back and really evaluate my painting. In doing this I am turning to black and white, and grey studies. Sometimes you just have to stop the carousel long enough to steady yourself. As many of you will note I took myself out of the wonderful group DPO. There are medical issues that I am having to deal with and this gives me time and less stress in my daily life. I hope to explore more about painting during this time. These ARE the coolest shoes!! They are carved wood on the heel portion with flowers and leaves in beautiful bright colors. The upper portion of the shoe is black leather. I love them even though I have a terrible time walking in them!!


Time to clear out the gardens and get ready for fall and winter. I did some minor plantings and rearranging of my garden. My Celosia was out of control! I cut it back and discarded many of the plants that were withered. Oh yes, I haven't spent as much time in my garden because I have been painting. The cuttings I brought in the studio and thought that I would try to paint them. Oh boy was that a challenge. I ended up wiping the whole thing down after many hours of labor. It was just too important to get that painting done so I tried again and was much happier with the results. 6X12 inches oil canvas panel $124.95 plus $10 shipping in US. PURCHASE HERE


I grew weary of the approach to painting that I have been doing and decided to just pull out all the stops today when I painted. I wanted to capture the essence of the sliced tomatoes. I wanted to paint rapidly and respond to the color and shapes as quickly as I could. I was pleased with the results. I find that sometimes I get caught in the process of trying to paint what I think it should be rather than what I intuitively feel and see. 6X6 inches oil canvas panel $74.95 plus $8.00 shipping in the USA. PURCHASE HERE


This past weekend my husband and I traveled to Cincinnati and I was able to attend the local Farmer's Market. What a thrill that was. The foliage was in beautiful array and there were many people out enjoying the sun and festivities. These girls caught my eye as they were hurrying down the street. In the produce booths there were pumpkins, vegetables, flowers, and fruits. All the colors, smells, and sights were a feast to my eyes. This painting is wet and will be dry in about 3 weeks. Please take this into consideration when purchasing. 6X8 inches oil Raymar canvas panel $79.95 plus $8.00 shipping in USA. PURCHASE HERE


This is another one of my older paintings. I have a bit of jet lag and am having a hard time getting back into the groove of painting. I worked very hard on a painting today and had to leave it until tomorrow before I lost the entire piece. I took many photos while I was in Cincinnati and am looking forward to working from them. In this particular painting I did a drawing and worked out the values beforehand. I enjoy working on a large scale...this painting is 24X36 inches. PURCHASE HERE


I am sorry for a delay in posting. My husband and I had to make an impromptu travel engagement this past week. This is an older painting of mine. There is a large flea market that we like to go to now and then and this is one of the photos from the food vendor. There are tables and tables loaded with fresh produce. It is very colorful and there are always crowds of people gathered. 20X24 inches oil stretched canvas PURCHASE HERE


There is something special about conversation between women... this without a face because I ran out of time yesterday. I think she looks much better don't you? 5X7 inches oil Raymar canvas panel NFS


I painted this beautiful swamp yesterday on a smaller panel and felt that I wanted to paint larger. It was interesting to me that there were as many similarities. I chose to paint with a more subdued pallette which more closely resembled the photograph. I like the results. 8X10 oil canvas panel PURCHASE HERE


This is an older post but one that I like. 6X6 inches oil canvas panel $60.00 plus $8.00 shipping in USA. PURCHASE HERE