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New paintings and one change

The bottom painting is a commission and the other abstracts are new.....I am enjoying the process of just laying down paint and color.  It is relaxing.....  I did make a change in the floral with the red camellia because I just felt that the flower was being choked.

Changes and new paitnings!

Big post today....let's just say I saw the light!!! tendency is to get too caught in the yesterday was a day of clearer thinking and seeing!!

Red Camellia I, II, III

I haven't been painting much because of my surgery so this was a way for me to relax and just enjoy the process.

Still life 014

I enjoy working with Gouache because the colors are so bright and the surface has the visual feel of velvet. In this small abstract still life I combined my love of flowers with brightly colored wooden shapes that I have. This painting is all about COLOR! This painting is painted on Arches hot press watercolor paper and the size is 7"x 10". The image size is 6 3/8"x 9 3/8".

Shadow Rose II

I painted this image the other day and felt that I could do better....6"x 6" Gessobord...this is an image painted from the photograph of Els Manning ...... I am happy with this painting....the 1st painting of 'Shadow Rose' was one that I went back into and it never really works to do that.  I think that my color choices are much better in this version....I also slowed way down with purpose.