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Silver and Gold

What drew me to want to paint this particular still life was the lemongrass body crème and the silver and gold nail polish.  I then added the loose powder which became the focus of the painting.  In this painting I wanted to use shades of gray and achieve as subtle color as I possibly could; thereby still having plenty of color and light.  I worked this painting perhaps more than I desired, but I think it still has a fresh quality to it.  I realize that the initial layout of a painting is crucial and an area where I need tons of work.  I don't know why it is such a challenge for me.  I need to get away of thinking object and concentrate more on shapes in the beginning.  Anybody have any helpful suggestions?

Girlie Things

This little 6"x 8" oil painting is painted on Gessobord.  I have had much time to think and rethink my painting strategy and I am simplifying the number of my strokes and working on lost and found edges.  What I love about this painting are the number of interrelated colors and how they support one another.  I like the active surface.  I have been spending much time looking at the Impressionists and works of contemporary impressionist artists while I was without a computer.  I would say that much of the work I have been doing has been in my mind.  As much as I love color I am also aware that grays help to hold a painting together and make the other colors pop.  In this painting I tried to incorporate warm and cool grays.  Putting all of these things together is challenging.

So Excited!

My computer comes tomorrow! New work coming.....the rest has been fortuitous for me! It will take a couple of days to get the computer loaded with all things that I need....but my blackout is nearly over!!!