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Cactus Flower

This is one of my favorite paintings that I did last year. It speaks sunshine to me. Thre won't be any photography today because the skies are overcast and cloudy. Hope that this adds sparkle to your day!!!


Broccoli is one of the most beautiful of all vegetables to me resembling small trees. It can be used in a variety of dishes from salads to soup to main dishes. I have found a snack that I think is quite delicious. I found this recipe on Weight Watchers. Wash and trim fresh broccoli and cut into spears. Combine 6 Tbsp of fat free honey dijon salad dressing with 3 Tbsp reduced fat sour cream. A serving size is about 2 Tbsp. For those of you following the Weight Watchers point system it is 2 points per serving! 6X6 inches Oil Raymar canvas panel
Just wanted to let you all know that I am working on paintings and they are not ready to be shown. Hopefully I will post by this afternoon, if not, then tomorrow!


This painting no longer exists...a wipe out. But, I have learned from a number of you to be very careful what to wipe out. This painting had some interesting brushwork in it and while it really didn't work there were things to learn from it.

Lemons in Goblet

It took some work to get the right yellow that worked with the painting. I found that by adding a cool Cadmium Lemon to my Cadmium Light that I could achieve the correct color. This goblet is a slighly orange tinted thin glass. I love lemons but find yellow to be a difficult color. Does andyone else have that situation? I used Thalo blue and Burnt umber to bring the value down. Does anyone have any tips on how to get deeper values with yellow? 5X7 Oil Raymar Canvas Panel

Rose V

I have had another wipe out, and this may not be much better, but I am posting it anyway. In some ways I like it because I think it has an oriental feeling to it. I just need to work harder on values shapes. 6X8 inches OIl Raymar Canvas Panel $75.00 plus shipping PURCHASE HERE

Bag of Grapefruit

It took me some time to look at this painting and figure out where I wanted to take it. I have completed this painting and feel good about it. Yellow is such a difficult color for me to work with. There is something unusually hard in finding the values and having them look correct. After much deliberation I decided that I would vaguely imply the red bag because to define it would be too tight for the loose rendering of the grapefruit. I changed the background color to harmonize better with the grapefruit. 8X10 Oil Stretched Canvas

Grapefruit in Bag

This is a work in progress.....I am thinking about it and will see where I go from here. A kind of difficult subject...but fun!

Cantaloupe and Blackberries

I am enjoying my still life box and feel that it has improved many aspects in my paintings. I want to experiment a little more with light bulbs to see what the differences are. In this painting I used a portriat bulb which casts a soft light. Oh, those blackberries I need a little practice on those babies. They were such a challenge. Cantaloupe is always a favorite of mine because of the red orange color. 8X10 inches stretched canvas oil

Grapefruit and Red Vase

This painting was painted using my new shadow box set up. I think it has made a big difference! With this painting I wanted a warm background and primed the canvas board first with red which I rubbed down to a thin coating. I have found out that Alizarin Crimson is not a very permanent color, but there is an Alizarin Crimson Permanent made that holds up much better. I didn't use that in in this painting because I am trying to use up the paint that I have open! I wanted to lead the eye into the painting with the spoon handle and then 'S' curve through the painting to the upper left hand corner. My goal in this painting was to control the light which the shadow box helped with. I am working to keep colors pure and clean and crisp. 12X12 inches Oil Canvas Panel $225.00 plus shipping PURCHASE HERE